Capitol Reef

Capitol Gorge - Capitol ReefEasy Hiking
Cassidy Arch - Capitol ReefModerate Hike
Cohab Canyon - Capitol ReefEasy/Moderate Hike
Ferns Nipple - Capitol ReefClass 4 Hiking
Fremont River - Capitol ReefEasy/Moderate Hike
Golden Throne - Capitol ReefModerate Hike
North Caineville Mesa - CainevilleModerate Hike
Old Wagon Loop Trail - Capitol ReefEasy Hiking
Pleasant Creek - Capitol ReefEasy Hiking
Red Canyon - Notom RoadEasy Hiking
Rim Overlook and Navajo Domes - Capitol ReefModerate/Strenuous Hike
Sheets Gulch - Notom RoadModerate Hike
South Cainville Mesa - CainvilleModerate Hike
Sulphur Creek - Captiol ReefModerate Hike
Surprise Canyon - Notom RoadEasy Hiking

Cedar Mesa

Bullet Canyon - Grand GulchLong Dayhike / Easy Backpack
Cold Springs Cave - Comb RidgeEasy hiking
Double Alcove Ruin - Comb RidgeEasy Hiking
Fish Mouth Cave Ruins - Comb RidgeEasy hiking
Hammond Canyon - Cedar MesaStrenuous hike or pleasant 2 day backpack.
Hotel Rock - Cedar MesaModerate Hiking
Lewis Lodge Indian Ruins - Cedar MesaClass 4 hiking, VERY EXPOSED
Lower Butler Wash - River Panel - Cedar MesaEasy Hiking
Lower Fish Creek - Comb WashHiking
Lower White Canyon - Cedar MesaModerate Hike
Monarch Cave Ruins - Comb RidgeEasy Hike
Natural Bridges National Monument - Cedar MesaEasy to Moderate depending on route
Procession Panel - Comb RidgeEasy Hiking
Road Canyon - Cedar MesaEasy Hiking
Scar Tissue - Lower Dirty DevilEasy/Moderate Hike
Sheiks Canyon - Grand GulchModerate Hike
South Fork of Mule Canyon - Cedar MesaModerate Hike
Sundance Trail - Dark CanyonEasy / Moderate Backpack
The Block - Cedar MesaEasy hiking, moderate navigation
The Citadel - Cedar MesaEasy Hiking
Upper Butler Wash & Target Ruin - Cedar MesaEasy Hiking
Walnut Knob Panel - Cedar MesaShort Hike
Wolfman Panel - Cedar MesaEasy Hiking


Bull Valley Gorge - Bryce Area2B
Creek Panel - EscalanteEasy Hiking
Death Hollow (full) - Escalante2B
Escalante Petrified Forest State ParkEasy Hiking
Islomania Dome - EscalanteEasy Hiking
Little Death Hollow - Escalante2A/B
Lower Calf Creek Falls - EscalanteEasy trail walking
Lower Death Hollow - EscalanteClass 3 / 4- Scrambling
Many Hands Panel - EscalanteEasy Hiking
Peekaboo-Spooky-Brimstone - EscalanteHiking with a little scrambling
Phipps Wash - EscalanteModerate Hike
Sunrise/Sunset Arches - EscalanteEasy hiking
The Gulch - EscalanteEasy to Moderate depending on route
Upper Calf Creek Falls - EscalanteEasy Hiking
Willis Creek - Bryce Area2A
Zebra and Tunnel Slot - EscalanteEasy Hiking

Grand Canyon

Cathedral Wash - Marble Canyon2A

Lake Powell

Horseshoe Bend - Glen Canyon DamEasy hiking
Smith Fork Canyon - Bullfrog2A
South Fork of Ticaboo - BullfrogHiking
Stateline Canyon - Page ArizonaEasy hiking


Corona Arch - MoabEasy Hiking
Covert and La Boca Arches - Lost SpringsEasy Hiking
Delicate Arch - Arches National ParkEasy Hiking
Devils Garden And Landscape Arch - ArchesEasy to Moderate depending on route
Hidden Valley - MoabEasy Hiking
Moab Dump Panels - MoabEasy Hiking
Moki Mesa - Potash RoadEasy Hiking
Mount Peale - San Juan County HighpointModerate Hike
Mount Waas - Grand County HighpointModerate Hike
Negro Bill Canyon - MoabEasy/Moderate Hike
North Fork of Mill Creek - MoabEasy Hiking
Parriott Mesa - Castle ValleyExposed lower 5th class climbing.
Tunnel and Forget-Me-Not CanyonEasy Hiking, Moderate Navigation
Willow Springs - MoabEasy Hiking

North Wash

Happy Canyon (via Poison Spring) - Dirty Devil2A
Hog Springs - North WashEasy hiking
Lower Maidenwater - Trachyte2B
Lucky Charms - North Wash3A (a little lower 5th class climbing)
Mt Ellen - Garfield County HighpointEasy/Moderate Hike
Swett and Woodruff Canyons - TrachyteClass 4
Trachyte Canyon - TrachyteDay hike to Backpack

Northern Utah

American Fork Twin Peaks - Salt Lake County HighpointClass 4 (Or class 3)
Bridger Peak - Rich County HighpointEasy Hiking, Moderate Navigation
Deseret Peak - Tooele County HighpointModerate Hike
Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs - Wasatch FrontEasy Hiking
East Mountain - Emery County HighpointEasy Hiking.
Eccentric BM County Highpoint - UintasEasy Hiking.
Fish Lake Hightop - Sevier County HighpointEasy Hiking.
Gilbert Peak - Summit County HighpointStrenuous Hike
Hell Hole Lake - Western UintasModerate Hike
Ibapah Peak - Juab County HighpointLong Day Hike
Kings Peak - Highest Point in UtahStrenuous Hike
Lackawaxen Lake - Wasatch FrontEasy Hiking.
Mine Camp Peak - Millard County HighpointEasy Hiking.
Mount Nebo - Utah County HighpointModerate
Mount Olympus - Salt Lake CItyModerate Hike
Naomi Peak - Cache County HighpointModerate Hike (8 miles)
South Tent Mountain - Sanpete County HighpointEasy Hiking.
Thurston Peak - County HighpointEasy Hiking
Wasatch County Highpoint - Uinta MountainsEasy Hiking.
Willard Peak - Weber County HighpointEasy Hiking

Northwest Wyoming

Periodic Spring - AftonEasy hiking, well suited to most.

Robbers Roost

Bowknot Bend Viewpoint - San Rafael DesertModerate Hiking / Moderate Route Finding
Colonnade Arch (Five Hole Arch) - San Rafael DesertEasy Hiking / Moderate Route Finding
Moonshine Wash - San Rafael DesertEasy Hiking

San Rafael Swell

Chimney Canyon - Hidden SplendorLong Dayhike / Easy Backpack
Chute Buttress - Southern SwellClass 4 hiking
Chute Canyon - Southern SwellEasy Hiking or Moderate for Full Loop
Cottonwood Wash - Northern SwellEasy to Moderate depending on route
Crack Canyon - San Rafael SwellHiking (Class 4)
Ding and Dang Canyons - San Rafael SwellHiking (Class 4)
Goblin Valley - Southern SwellEasy hiking
Grotto Canyon - Northern SwellHiking (Class 4-)
Hurst Bridge - Eastern ReefEasy Hiking / Moderate Route Finding
Little Grand Canyon - San Rafael SwellBackpacking, Horseback, or Float
Little Spotted Wolf Canyon - Southern SwellEasy hiking
Little Susan Mine - Hidden SplendorEasy Hiking
Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon - San Rafael SwellHiking (Class 3)
Lower Black Box - San Rafael Swell2C
Petroglyph and Double Arch Canyons - Eastern ReefEasy Hiking
Pinnacle #1 - San RafaelA little 4th class / easy 5th class climbing
Red Canyon (Chimney Valley) - HanksvilleModerate Hike
Rochester Art Panel - San Rafael SwellEasy Walking
San Rafael Knob - Southern SwellHiking with some scrambling (class 4)
Smith Canyon - Horsethief Canyon - Northern SwellModerate Hiking
The Blocks - San Rafael SwellEasy Hiking, Moderate Route Finding.
The Chute of Muddy Creek - Southern SwellRiver Hiking or Class II Float
Three Fingers and Uneva Canyons - Eastern ReefModerate Hiking
Train Robbers Mesa - San RafaelA little 4th class scrambling
Upper Eardley Canyon - Central SwellLong Dayhike / Moderate Backpack
Upper Muddy Creek - San Rafael SwellEasy Hiking
Wikiup - Central SwellClass 4 Hiking

Southern Nevada

Anniversary Narrows - Lake MeadEasy Hiking
Arizona Hot Springs - Black CanyonEasy Hiking
Gold Strike Canyon - Black CanyonHiking with some class 4 scrambling.

West Desert

Delano Peak - County HighpointEasy Hiking.


Angels Landing - ZionEasy/Moderate
Kanarra Creek - KanarravilleEasy Hiking.
Kane County Highpoint - Navajo LakeRoadside Attraction and a short hike (4 miles)
Observation Point - ZionStrenous
Signal Peak - Washington County HighpointModerate Hike
The Subway (From the Bottom) - Zion West Side2A
West Rim Trail - ZionStrenuous Day Hike or Moderate Backpack