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MAPS: Clear Creek Mountain, UT; Temple of Sinawava, UT; Straight Canyon, UT;


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SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 4 to 25 m ( 83 ft. )
WATER: Generally none in the canyon. Filterable water on the exit.
FLASHFLOOD: Low except in a very short section.


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"Here I come to save the day!" -Mighty Mouse

Though the cartoon character was endowed with flight, super strength, and invulnerability, the canyon that was presumably named in his honor does not embody such striking qualities. This is a very short, straightforward canyon that I can only recommend in clear conscience if it is combined with Deadeye Dick . If done as a combo, this is a fair day out. If done alone.. well.. you'll likely be disappointed.

Like Deadeye Dick, this is one I would recommend doing once, but certainly won't be rushing back to do again. The hiking time spent in the Virgin River on the exit (and approach if you go against my advice to do it with Deadeye Dick Canyon) is pleasant and a great place to mostly beat the summer heat that descends on the lower elevations of Zion in the summer.

Getting There

The trailhead is off the North Fork road, which starts 2.2 miles east of the east entrance of Zion National Park on highway 9. It is signed.

  • Turn onto the North Fork Road. ( 12S 337340mE 4122961mN / N37° 14' 20" W112° 50' 02" )
  • Follow it about 5.4 miles to the Zion Ponderosa. Stay right on the main road. The road turns to dirt here, but is passable by all when dry. Reset your odometer at the dirt road. ( 12S 333951mE 4127075mN / N37° 16' 32" W112° 52' 22" )
  • At 2.8 miles, a side road goes off on the left. This is the Englstead Canyon trailhead. ( 12S 335082mE 4130499mN / N37° 18' 23" W112° 51' 39" )
  • 3.0 miles past Zion Ponderosa is the signed Birch Hollow trailhead on the left. ( 12S 335484mE 4130834mN / N37° 18' 35" W112° 51' 23" )
  • Continue past the Birch trailhead an additional 3.1 miles. (6 miles from the Pondarosa) to a good side road on the left signed Orderville ORV Area. A side road goess off on the right here that offers OK primitive camping. ( 12S 337849mE 4133846mN / N37° 20' 14" W112° 49' 50" )
  • Continue 2.5 miles past Orderville. A side road on the left here is the Dakota Hills Side Road. ( 12S 336927mE 4136314mN / N37° 21' 33" W112° 50' 29" )
  • 5.3 miles past Orderville, the road crosses the Virgin River and reaches a junction. Go left. ( 12S 338368mE 4139749mN / N37° 23' 26" W112° 49' 33" )
  • 6.2 miles past Orderville, a final junction takes you to Chamberlain's Ranch trailhead. ( 12S 337244mE 4139363mN / N37° 23' 12" W112° 50' 19" )


From Chamberlain Ranch (4 miles / 1.5-2 hours)
So, your going against my advice and doing Mighty Mouse on its own? Head down the Narrows trail. It starts as a dirt road, then changes to a well worn trail in about 2.5 miles. Cross the stream numerous times, keeping an eye on the map. Mighty Mouse is about 4 miles down stream from the trailhead, and an obvious deep canyon coming in on the right (looking down canyon).

If you miss it, Deadeye Dick comes in on the left shortly below, turn around and retrace your steps about 10 minutes to Mighty Mouse.

From Deadeye Dick Canyon
Hike up stream from the confluence of Deadeye Dick and the Virgin River about 10 minutes to the first obvious slot canyon coming in on the left (looking up canyon). This is the bottom of Mighty Mouse Canyon.

From the Bottom of Mighty Mouse (1-2 hours)
Hike UP the Virgin River from the bottom of Mighty Mouse keeping an eye on the left wall. At a major bend to the left just a few minutes up stream, a rough break allows for exit up to the bench lands above. Scramble up this with a move or two of 4th class. Once up the cliff band, work left and up to the flat land above.

On the flats, hike north up the next small hill until you can look west down into the upper reaches of Mighty Mouse. It is open in this section. Work down the dirt hillside to the botom of Mighty Mouse and head down canyon.

An easy downclimb is followed shortly by the technical section.

Rappel 1 (12 m ( 40 ft. )) - This rappel leads to a short canyon section before it opens again.

Rappel 2 (25 m ( 83 ft. )) - The canyon closes in again for the final few rappels and slot section. Be aware of rope placement on rappel 2 to try and not get it caught in the pinch. (easy pull on our trip, but the notch could be a rope sticker over time)

Rappel 3 (15 m ( 50 ft. )) - Just below rappel 2 is the rappel 3. Beware, it is an akward start.

Rappel 4 (7 m ( 23 ft. )) - A short drop leads to the end of the canyon and back to the Virgin River.

Up The Narrows (4 miles / 1.5-2 hours)
Turn left and head up stream. Continue up stream on the well used trail, criss-crossing the river endlessly. This section is quite beautiful, with towering walls and vivid colors.

After a couple of miles, the trail turns to an old road. Continue on it, passing Bullock's Cabin, then a farm building before reaching the Chamberlain Ranch trailhead.


Printable Maps:

12S 337205mE 4139204mN

N37° 23' 07" W112° 50' 20"

Farm Building

12S 335880mE 4138357mN

N37° 22' 39" W112° 51' 13"

Bullock's Cabin

12S 334710mE 4137672mN

N37° 22' 16" W112° 52' 00"

Mighty Mouse Bottom

12S 332675mE 4137684mN

N37° 22' 15" W112° 53' 23"

Route to Mighty Mouse

12S 332906mE 4137574mN

N37° 22' 11" W112° 53' 13"

Mighty Mouse

12S 332713mE 4137902mN

N37° 22' 22" W112° 53' 22"


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