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YankeeDoodle Canyon

Second canyon ever done.  Went with Shane Holst, Mary Holst, Rob Dean, Michelle Dean, Laura Dean, Paul Dean, Caroline and DJ, Susan Burnett and William Burnett.   We stayed at the Ponderosa campground.  Shane drove his Toyota Tacoma.  I drove my Chevy Silverado and Caroline drove their Honda Accord(hybrid) I think. 

There were some quick assisted down climbs with a handline and meat anchors.  The webbing for the pothole rap needed to be replaced.  The pothole had a big truck tire in it.  Paul was the dipstick to see the depth and we caught frogs.  The last rappel before the wash Rob and Shane did a simul-rap counter balancing each other.  Looked like fun.  The trail coming out seemed quite steep.  Not too memorable but was fun.



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bblanchard Trip Reports