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Sixth Canyon I've ever done.  Shane and Mary Holst, Rob Dean and Dave Burnett were the teammates on this one.  With just our rappel equipment and wetsuits we made the climb up the side of the canyon and looped around.  I'd heard about the seven canyoneers that were washed out of this canyon and ultimately killed.  So I expected it to be a gnarly canyon.  It was actually quite pleasant and fun.  There was a group in front of us that had their kids.  The parents were obviously seasoned in canyoneering and were able to tandom rappel with the little guy. He looked to be about 6 or so.

Anway, it was cold surprisingly and was quite quick.  We hiked out and changed on the side of the road.  I am glad for a tall truck so that vehicles passing could see.  That was a nice little ditty to wrap up a few day trip to Zion.  We stayed in the newly established tent section of Zion Ponderosa.



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bblanchard Trip Reports