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Zero G (gravity)

Seventh Canyon I'd ever done.  Shane Holst, Rob Dean, Dave Burnett, Caroline and DJ, Susan Burnett, William Burnett, Dean Burnett, and Paul Dean where the teammates on this one.

As we hiked in Shane had us stop along the canyon edge and taught us anchor building.  We then threw the rope into the canyon and left it.

We then ventured further up canyon and spent some time practicing building anchors and ascending a single strand rope with prussiks.  Everyone had to give it a try.  Then when we felt comfortable enough, we wetsuited up and DJ took the rest of the gear back down the canyon to where we had anchored and tossed the rope.

Once he returned we started down the canyon.  It was really my first experience with tight slots.  I loved it.  There were a few down climbs and swimmer but eventually we found ourselves to the spot where our 3 ropes were hanging over the edge.  We were instructed to start the rope ascension and we did.  It was about 60ft or so.  Most everyone was super slow and exausted.  Caroline tried hard but was too cold from the water and it was getting late.  Rob, Shane and myself decided to climb out fast and create a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage pulley system and toss the rope to Caroline.  We then proceeded to pull her out.  She wasn't helping at all.  In fact she allowed herself to rub against the side of the wall which made it really hard to pull her.  So we adjusted the pulley system to a 6 to 1.  It was easier but a bit slower.  Needless to say we had to navigate ourselves out in the dark.  I couldn't have done it but the others seemed to do fine.  We made it out and it was a blast.

That night we slept in the Sandthrax campground and it poored rain on us.  Susan was on a cot and had water dripping on her all night.  She was miserable and cried much of the morning.  I turned on my truck and heater and had her sit in there to warm up.  We were suppose to do Woody Canyon but it was too cold we decided it would be best to get a burger and go home.



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bblanchard Trip Reports