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Blarney Right Fork

Tenth canyon ever done.  Dave and Judy Burnett, Rob Dean and Paul Dean were the teammates on this trip.  We hiked up the typical route and the thoughts came to my mind as the team leader, how in the world are we going to get through this?  I was concerned because most of my experience had been in Zion where natural anchor building was unecessary.  We are now in the wild wild west of canyoneering and I was hoping that all the video's and practice I'd done at home would be sufficient.  So, we get to our drop in point and noticed quickly the natural anchors had already been built but they were also done well.  Whoever did them gave the curtousy rigging for those going first by creating a loop up high by the pile of rocks and then the extended loop for LMAR and an easy rope pull.  I however asked everyone to use the LMAR loop so they could get some technical rappel starts in and because I wasn't quite sure how it all worked.  We put meat on the upper loop just in case the stack of rocks decided the person on rappel was too heavy.  Needless to say the anchor system was excellent and meat wasn't needed. 

We found ourselves enjoying a simple and fast canyon with a little technical.  Overall it was a fun canyon.



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bblanchard Trip Reports