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Blarney Left Fork

Eleventh Canyon ever done.  Dave and Judy Burnett, Rob Dean and Paul Dean were the teammates on this one.

We had just finished hiking through Blarney Right Fork and decided to eat a little lunch then do this canyon.  It was all familiar and we had seen while passing over to the right fork.  So getting down was straight forward.  Blarney's are good beginners and it was in this canyon that I asked Rob to do more of the guiding.  He has been my canyoneering partner ever since I've  started and was the one that invited me to go on the first time.  Anyway, we made it through with only one hickup but nothing serious.  I would try not to hover but our theme on this trip was to check each other even if you were more experienced that didn't mean you were excluded from the beginner canyoneer to question certain actions and situations.  It turned out to be a good thing.  Dave decided not to listen on one instance and found himself needing a bit of help.  He quickly learned that he should listen to the advice of those that know more.  :-)  

We made it through and had warm homemade chilli that night that my dad had made for my birthday.  It was so inviting and Paul was able to use the wood from my grandmother's house to start a fire.  We were happy campers.



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bblanchard Trip Reports