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Neon Canyon 10/29/2017

We did Neon canyon in one big day from Egypt TH. We camped about 1 mile from the TH in a spot with a nice fire pit and some pretty veiws. We started at 8am and returned to the truck at 5pm. We took the beeline route to the Escalante river, which provided for a lot of hiking in heavy sand. The Escante River was knee deep and relatively easy to ford.

Due to time constraints, we opted to repel into the canyon off a boulder into a pretty wide area of the canyon with some trees in the bottom. This was probably about a 40' repel with an easy entry. After this wide area we came to the first keeper, which we opted to repel into. The keeper had plenty of water and was pretty easy to escape independently. The rest of the canyon also had quite a bit of water and wetsuits were mandatory. The second keeper was under about 5 feet of water. I would never have noticed it as a keeper if I hadn't known it was there. The 83' repel into the Golden Cathedral was a hoot and incredibly beautiful. The pool below was about chest deep. All the repels on the day of this trip, including the big one, had relatively new, well placed anchors. 

We took off our wetsuits, coiled our ropes, and warmed up on the beach under the cathedral before the slog back to the truck. 



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caitjenks Trip Reports