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Lomotium and Krill Canyons in Arches Fiery Furnace

My son and I recently spent a week canyoneering in Moab and found Road Trip Ryan to be an amazing resource.  It helped us pick great canyons and provided very helpful information.  However, for whatever reasons, two amazing canyons are not covered in detail.   We had heard of Lomotium (Lomo-Shum) and Krill Canyons and ultimately found helpful information elsewhere.   GPS landmarks from  http://ropewiki.com/Lomatium_Canyon were essential to finding the route.  We did spend a fair amount of time route finding, but the GPS really helps when navigating to the higher parts of the Fiery Furnace.  It wasn't always accurate, but it was at least helpful to indicate that you were heading the right direction.   These two canyons were of our favorites and we highly recommend them.  My son and I both have a climbing background and found plenty of challenge in Lomotium as it has a few somewhat challenging slab ascents, but they were'nt as bad as they look.  Krill adds even more challenge with a low class 5 gully assent (in my opinion).  All of the rappels are excellent and well protected with bolts and chains/webbing or pitons.



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hogans Trip Reports