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Going BIG in Sardinia (Day 1)

For our trip to Sardinia this year, Cristina managed to find and hook us up with 2 very talented local canyoneers, Guido and Betty. They offered to join us for a couple of days in Dorgali to show off some of the best local canyons. We had already done one in the area (Orbisis) on a previous trip, so were anxious to see some of the others.

First up is Flumineddu and Gorroppu, a full combo of about 10 hours PLUS a 2 hour each way car shuttle. Given the shuttle length, we got a crack of 10:30 start, on a very hot (95+) and humid day. Guido and Bette don't speak English, and my Italian is still, embarassingly, very poor. Soon, however, the language barrier quickly disolved, and Cristina translated any important parts....
Flumineddu starts open, then narrows and drops. It is a fantastic canyon with quite a few rappels and short swims. It is made all the more interesting to me to know that it was one of the first descended in the area and was originally done with small rafts. We are using 5mm wetsuits instead, though after a few pools I am overheating, so take mine off for the day. The cold pools are a refreshing break from the stiffling heat. 
The canyon is incredible, and we reach the cars about an hour before dark. A little over 9 hours from car-to-car. In proud Italian tradition, we stop in the nearest small town for pizza before heading back to get the other car. 

Enough talk, here are some pics

Lower in Gorropu
Lowest Cave Section
First Pool
Guido and Betty


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