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Trip Reports

MMI 11-17-12

We used webbing on the boulders/rocks at the top of rappel one, then came back for it. We found TONS of webbing at the last drop and used that. The piece around the tree looks older, the piece between the tree and the drop looks very new. When you're standing at the rappel looking down canyon, you will see incredible grooves. Consider taking a couple steps right (it's awkward, but whatever) and going from there to avoid grooving the rock even more. ...


Pool Arch/Rock of Ages

Went to Pool Arch/Rock of Ages 11/18/12 Thigh deep water for most of the group under pool arch. Two waist deep pools in the slot. (And it was kinda stinky.) There are 3 bolts at final rappel. 2 for rope on the edge of the canyon. One before you descend to the shelf that you can use for safety lines. There was webbing between the single botl and double botls and more webbing at the double bolts. BE AWARE, the webbing at the double bolts spends a lot of time in the sun and elements and......