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Woody Canyon - Trachyte Area

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Practiced the water pocket out didnt need it. Used at the big pot that has a bridge. We swam under the water to cross under the cold water! Fun canyon

Empty completely. difficult canyon, bailed on the last rap of pothole fork bc nothing to rap off. main woody fun would be better wet

Water levels low. Swam through the underwater passage under the bridge. Fun canyon, but would be super fun with more water. Went into the KPH variation, but couldn't find an anchor at the final rappel, so climbed out (not recommended) & went back into main Woody .

Phenomenal. The approach was a bit of a death march in 95 degree weather, but once you get in... fantastic. The potholes are huge, bizarre, and beautiful. Water was low but still had us swimming at a few spots. Wetsuits were not needed, but it was insanely hot. The "bridge" pothole was interesting and we passed it using meat anchors on both sides of our rope over the top of the bridge, which was strange but effective. We pack tossed and assisted a few times to get out of holes. Each pothole was a fun problem, and every one was different. I love the look of this canyon as well, very flowy and twisted. The drop back into Woodruff is amazing, shockingly green and lush, although the biting flies are unpleasant in that area. If you enjoy pothole and keeper based challenges, this canyons is wonderful.


Super fun and challenging! Dry-ish conditions.

Loved this canyon. It was completely full of water. With the canyon in this condition I found it quite easy. all the potholes were swimmers. Beautiful and fun!

Stinky but fun