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Upper Greasewood - San Rafael Swell

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Swimming even in the driest of conditions. Filthy fun water. Some fun downclimbs, or easy rappels depending on your skill level.

Set up camp at the entrance to Greasewood (Hyde Draw). Great campsite, feels remote. Greasewood was full of water, optional rappels or jumps (preferred to jump). Hike out felt like a slog but the views at the end of the canyon are gorgeous. Time: 5 hours. Team: Dylan, Jamin, Jonnah, Kyle.

w/Robin, Darcy, Terry, Andrea, Max

Lots of water and several swimmers! Was happy to have a wetsuit in 80s temps. Best to do this canyon early in the day when the sun is shining directly into the canyon.

Great canyon to exit ratio. Lots of short rappels 6+ and short swims 3ish, keep your gear on until the last scramble that outlooks the reef. No need for a wetsuit if the sun is shining.

Fun canyon, lots of swimming! Saw 6 anchors, did 4 rappels (and some spicy down climbing). Two stage rappel can be done in one stage (top) with shorter rope. Then down-climb or rap the 2nd stage separately (there was an anchor there).

confirmed, arch at the end has fallen (or we're blind and somehow missed it). the traverse to the anchor for the final rap was a bit sketch; i miss the stuck cam that used to be the anchor right in the watercourse.


A fun canyon! Lots of swimming and wading.

Many of the existing anchors were washed out or pretty worn out so new anchors were set up on almost every rappel. There are several small rappels in this canyon so make sure to bring enough gear to make new anchors if needed. We scrabbled out of the canyon about 100 meters before getting to the big drop and arch because of storm clouds developing overhead. It's a fun canyon that is worth checking out if you are in the area and limited on time.

w/Mike J, Bryce & Alexander