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Quandary Canyon - San Rafael Swell

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Went with Matt and Bryce. It was Bryce's first canyon. We expected to have some difficulty with the keeper potholes but were able to partner assist or pack toss everything pretty easily. It had rained pretty recently so maybe the holes were just full.

to start of KPH section (I think) our NW route from drill hole

w/ Makeda and Jack; bike shuttle;. sandtrapped instead of doing piton rappel

We did quandary direct from the top and found the canyon mostly dry with a few pools waist deep and below. No wet-suit needed at this time. The first pothole was very deep and required a few full potshots thrown to make ascending out possible. Potshots were needed a few other times in the canyon as well. We used the sandtrap three different times in the canyon and it helped us significantly because of the nearly dry conditions. Not a good canyon to do on a hot day, we were roasting with a high of 78 degrees so I can't imagine doing the canyon in warmer weather.


Completed in September with 20m rope and 20m webbing. Did everything direct. Water was super low so hard work getting out of some of the keepers. Returned via Ramp Canyon in the dark, the hand line was helpful under the choke stone but difficult with a pack. With two of the three canyoneer's being in-experienced it took 15hrs start to finish! Quandary was 11hrs and Ramp Canyon 4hrs.

Fun canyon, pretty dry for this canyon

Excellent canyon. Exited up Ramp, which is beautiful. I wish there was a little more water in the potholes, but it was still awesome.

1/2 full, good jump/ 1-2 potshots very fun canyon not as difficult as made out to be.

First big pothole canyon. Water seemed pretty low. Most party members did not use wetsuits.


w/Mike J, Bryce and Alexander

Direct. Full this time, no escape gear needed!