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Cassidy Arch Canyon - Capitol Reef

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Easy straight forward canyon. In and out easy. Anchors all good. Fun first rappel.


Easy, casual, gorgeous. Relatively short hike up, 8 rappers and short walk back to the car. One section of down climbing. I think I could even lead this one! No water.

Start at around 10

Max and Kellan



nice temp, no water, 3 other groups showed up around the same time

Bitt & I, nobody in the park!


Pretty fun, quick canyon. Went on Black Friday and it was crazy busy. At least 5 parties in the canyon. Luckily we got there right before the bigger parties so we were able to cruise it in 3.5 hours. All the webbing looks fresh and the chains on the first rappel are great. The first rap is a doozy!!!



I loved this canyon. The hike to the arch is beautiful, and rapping down through the arch itself is tons of fun. I brought a 200 ft. rope and 150 ft. pull cord, which worked just fine for the first (and fairly big) rap. Note that you might have an audience when start the slot, as the arch itself attracts bevies of hikers throughout the day. The rest of the canyon is really splendid. Great raps, pretty scenery. It is over all too soon. One note: be sure you follow the beta on the second rap. I hit the second (bolted) rap and foolishly though it was a short one. It is not, it is about 130 ft. After rapping down to a ledge before a big drop off, I realized my mistake and had to ascend my rope back up to the bolt and redo my rap. Amateur hour! :P All the same, I highly recommend doing this canyon, especially if you love rappelling!


Venture off: awesome canyon with arch and cool bridge, cave too.


Group of 11 in 5 hours

It was a very cold rainy may day but we knew this canyon didn't have much flash flood potential so we went for it with Calder, Maddi, Kelley and my wife. It started snowing a little bit on us while we were in there. 8 rappels


This is a favorite - especially in October during fall foliage times. Good variety, only one in the canyon. New bolts in places didn't use to be since I did it a year or so ago. One note is that the hike up to Timpie canyon (Ferns nipple route) provides a great view of the Cassidy Arch and canyon.



After reading on several sites that retrievable anchors were needed I was surprised to find that most of the rappels were bolted on this canyon. With all the bolted anchors the canyon was very straight forward.


If taking beginners it is good to understand that the first rappel can be quite intimidating. Would be good to do a "practice" rappel first for the uninitiated. Great little canyon with a lot of action in a short distance!

This canyon was fun, easier than advertised but very fun. There were several tour groups in front of us, I think this canyon gets done a lot by them. Luckily they were nice and there was plenty of room to pass. Great easy trip.

Awesome canyon with great natural features and lots of fun rappels. Took us forever though with a group of 10 mostly newbies

Awesome day with two teens. Family also hiked to the arch and took photos of our first rap. ~2hr 3min trip from arch.



done this twice

We had great weather when we did this canyon! It certainly starts off with a bang- fine for me but a few fairly new canyoneers in my group who were afraid of heights who struggled with the first rappel. If you take "beginners" make sure they are comfortable with heights, or they will question why they joined you! When we went some of the webbing was starting to get worn- will probably return in the fall with a small group to replace a lot of webbing. The fourth rappel following the two stage has been bolted, and very well. A super squeezey start to that one! I personally am not a fan of the placement of the bolts for the fifth rappel - their height and proximity to the edge make for a super awkward swinging-out start. Not terrible, but bolts placed higher on the wall could make the start go much more smoothly. Canyon was completely dry and litter-free. Absolutely gorgeous and one I will likely end up doing annually! A blast!

Deadman anchor failed at small drop, luckily no injuries.

Cold trip. Rappeling with the dogs is easier when you where them like a backpack.

Very easy to find. Huge first rapel! Easy the rest of the way