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The deadman for the last repel of the optional repels had some movement to it. There's a good amount of rock down there to help beef it up if needed



Did the north fork with a group of four and two dogs: two rock climbers, my inexperienced and timid wife, myself, and the two doodle pups. It took us just over 4 hours and we weren't able to move very quickly. I didn't see any major areas that could hold water in the wet season. The last half mile or so of the dirt road driving to the trailhead was sandy, followed by a pretty steep section that almost proved too much for my friends in their sedan. The best trail to take to the wash is more north east than I remember, but as long as you point yourself east, you will find your way to the wash. First rap is super easy and beginner friendly, being short and not a complete vertical face. The dogs really enjoyed how open most of the canyon was -- they had plenty of sand to run around in and they could do quite a few of the downclimbs without assistance. We lowered the more timid people of the group on a few sections that could be downclimbed. None of the fixed ropes were there anymore, which is too bad for the base jumpers! The canyon narrowed up toward the end and made traversing it with the dogs a little tricky, but doable. The last two rappels are for sure the best part of the whole canyon in my opinion. Both have overhanging sections which are super nice with the dogs. Hiking out is a bit of a slog -- head right (south) and follow the social trail/cairns until you can find a good place to climb up the slick rock. It took us just under an hour to make it to the top, close to a mile with 700' elevation gain mostly in the form of heading directly up slick rock. From there we headed north by northwest through the flat plain to get back to the car. Not too difficult to navigate.

This canyon was so fun. I realized part way through that the dome/spire at the end of the canyon is very tall and this canyon keeps dropping and dropping. At the confluence of the two canyons there were loads of black flies for about 30m, then, once the sand was gone, no more flies.


South Fork was fun. Recommend bypassing the first rappel. Great for first timers with competent leader.

Great canyon!

Double slot double date with Katie and Sam


We went down the South Fork and up the North Fork. Lovely experience. North Fork had ropes in place in good condition. First rappel in South Fork needs some redundancy... possible to by pass.

Venture off, night canyon

Fun slot and unclimbs!




Both forks

Lauren's first canyon! Just the two of us out here for the weekend. We did the South fork. Pretty middle of the road kinda canyon, but had plenty of rappels for Lauren to learn and get comfortable on. Some cool downclimbs as well. We skinny dipped in the Dirty Devil afterwards, that river never gets up to your waist, it seems. Bit of a torturous exit out, got off route somehow and ended up back in the South fork and did a sketchy upclimb to exit. Had a long siesta during the worst heat. Lauren slept, I read Testimony on a blanket in a patch of shade we hiked down to, which I later realized was the top of North Fork of Angel Cove! We downclimbed about 1/3 of the way, then ascended using the fixed lines for the base jumpers. Very fun, highlight of the day.