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Full Imlay

Scott, Alan, Joel, DJ and I Loved IMLAY!!!! What an amazing canyon, We shuttled from Lava point and did Full Imlay, The first two big walls are intimidating (mostly the 2nd wall), The 2nd wall beta was a little diff from (the 3 betas we had) what we were finding it took some planning between the 5 of us, ropes we had and the little room at each anchor mid wall. The sketchiest part was the loose rock down climb to the first rap on the 2nd wall I didn't like it at all, lots of exposure, it was safe but made me very nervous considering the penalty points (500 ft wall) and the big pack and not knowing the sequence of the big raps right ahead. We bivved up just after the crossroads,, the canyon was full of water no keepers (bummer I wanted to hook out of a few) we did have to climb out of one using a finger pull in the hook hole, but wasn't that hard. the last rap is very cool I hung my pack and went first. I'd do this canyon again. I wore my 3 mm full and my 2-3 shorty

Best Canyon Ever. So fun. Started at the Trailhead at 6 am. Perfect weather. Got back at 8pm. Hooked out of several pot holes.


Very full potholes

We did FULL IMLAY. Raps up to 200' w/ over 50 raps. We spent the night in canyon. 5mm full wetsuit & neo socks/gloves is a must. Potholes were 3/4 full & required hooking on most. Awesome beautiful canyon !!!