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Lupacchiotta Canyon - Central Swell

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Fun short canyon. This overall would be a good beginner canyon with people who have rappelling experience. One rappel has a crack that is a little tricky for adults to go over, and the second rappel is off a chockstone which can be awkward. The last rappel is really fun. At the time we were here, there was a big log going all the way down. We tried parking for the 4-wheel drive trailhead, but couldn’t find it, so we parked on the highway. The climb to the start was gradual through a wash. Then the bottom of the canyon after the rappels had cool big trees in it. The hike out was up a steep cliff to the bridge.


This canyon has a unique character compared to others in the Swell or the Roost.....I like it. Really easy quickie off the interstate. Mostly a hiking canyon with a few nice rappels. Ryan's app makes navigation to start of canyon very easy. Took 3 hours with a long snack break and picture taking.

Amazing! Short, sweet, and a good bang for buck.

Rolled into the Swell early Friday afternoon and did this canyon before setting up camp. Good route finding skills are needed. Canyon has a few scenic spots but is bland and not worth doing again. Time: 2.5 hours. Team: Dylan, Jamin, Jonnah, Kyle.

What a great little canyon. The GPX was particularly useful. Relatively short, dry (when we went this weekend), and really pretty.

Great short canyon. Not much skinny slot.

Took the kids down this one, good option if you are looking for something quick.

With Jennifer

No real trail to the canyon - or at least not one we could find. The canyon itself was incredible. Loved it!


Brushy in parts but fun. Avoid playing frogger on the bridge.