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Englestead Canyon - Zion East Side

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Awesome canyon. Short technical section. Don’t take shortcut exit. Long and steep. Best to use a shuttle out orderville

beautiful. trailhead at 8am. drop off and rope left with laur

Spectacular beginning!! It looks similar to Boundary canyon's start. It goes from a flat forrest to a 300' deep canyon in an instant! The first rappel was a bit more intense for all of our group than anticipated. We did a single strand rappel with a 100 meter rope and after a while your hands get pretty tired and the gear gets hot. Having heavy gear for the 10+ hour expedition makes it intense. My suggestion is to have the first person go without any extra weight so they can easily get to the bottom and then fireman's belay everyone else so they can take breaks along the way. Also, use a set up that will allow more friction from your gear and full finger, thick gloves. One of our guys burned his hands pretty good on the way down. Once you are passed the first rappel, get ready for some epic scenery and awesome rappels! Really nice down there on the journey to the center of the earth! There are several rappels right before Orderville with fairly awkward starts. We had a group of 6 and it took a bit longer than anticipated. Our total time with 6 people all the way down through the Narrows was about 11:15. Super fun day all the way through! One of the better canyons in Zion for sure!

With Addy and Bob's neighbors

Down Orderville, 8hrs (Dan and Jon)


Awesome canyon and big rapps. After the main raps there are a number of additional raps upto 8, long long canyon when exiting in Zion.