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Stater at 2:00 in the afternoon. 7 1/2 hours total time back to trailhead.

Group of 7 left St. George at 5:00am and got started on the MIA road at 7:30am using Ryan’s waypoints. Bushwhacked in a couple of miles to the entrance of the Boundary watercourse. Boundary was flowing, but definitely not a ton of water (Class B). After 11 raps through some of the most beautiful cliffs, countless waterfalls and some more bushwhacking, we eventually hit the confluence of Kolob Creek. We arrived late due to the size of our group and were a little worried that we might not have enough time to make it out of the canyon before dark, so we ate some food for about 15 minutes and hustled down the Kolob narrows (I didn’t have time to pull my camera out of the dry bag to take any pictures, so you will have to trust me…they were spectacular). The Kolob dam was releasing at 35CFS above us, so the flow was pretty strong. After exiting the narrows, we arrived at our exit point—the much maligned MIA Exit (which shockingly does not mean “Missing In Action”). A cumulative 2200 vertical feet in just over a mile and a half, most of it on all fours through some significant exposure. Back to the cars by 10:45pm. Long day and we paid the price, but totally worth it. One of the most beautiful canyons I’ve ever seen.

Fun canyon. Beautiful. MIA exit marked pretty well. Not that bad. Use dirt bike to shuttle. Long road exit.

Boundary was totally dry, Kolob was low (one swimmer pool, but only mid-belly after a long jump with an assist). MIA trail SUCKED. Wow do not underestimate. 6.5 car to car. - took one wrong turn towards top of MIA and had to bushwhack a bit.

Pine creek

Boundary canyon. Beautiful. Horrible hike out.

Goblins Lair

Hogwarts Middle Leprechaun

Lollipop of angel cove. Epic blarney.

North fork of robbers roost. East fork of white roost.

Excellent Canyon! Crazy entrance rappel! "Journey to the center of the earth"

Incredible! No wet suit needed. GPS was crucial getting to the first rap, but didn't work getting out of the canyon. Lost the MIA trail - but found our way anyway.

Dry Canyon. Kolob Creek 3 cfs and stunning.

Great trip. The MIA exit trail wasn't hard to follow at all. I don't think we got lost once. That being said, it's still an exhausting hike out, but I'd do it again. Or I'd camp overnight and hike out through the narrows.


Bone dry, and MIA exit brutal, but to be expected. One of the best I have descended in Zion.