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Great Canyon. Short technical section. Easy hike in and out. Need shuttle.

Wet. Very Wet. Lots of mud which slowed us down considerably. Exiting the canyon was difficult as the outclimb was very soft.

with orderville. 9 hours. 4 people. dry with a little mud and wasps


Lance and I - 5.5 hours. Next time need to bring a dirt bike and truck for shuttle and leave truck at orderville trail head. need to get there early and plan extra time to shuttle prior. we parked shuttle not far enough and spent about 3.5 hours hiking out. a lot of sun exposure and hiking up a dirt road. it's about 45 minutes to first rappel and an hour in the canyon. mostly a dry canyon but had one or two muddy spots

snowy at the top. lots of water. near swim st bottom of big rap

Between rappel 6 & 7 there is an additional rappel which is the same length as rappel 6 about 9m (30ft). So there was actually 9 rappels! Did a mountain bike shuttle so peddled from the ordervill trailhead to the exit trailhead too 30mins. Then from the exit trail head to the birch hollow trailhead was 45 mins.

Awesome canyon, pretty, but exit requires 2 cars or mountain bike, as it is a long walk back to the trail head.

There are actually 10 rappels! Sooo fun! Wear layers as it gets a little chilly through the canyon!


Britt, Dan, and I. This trip is when homebody freaked out and untied in the middle of the first rap!

More raps than listed

Large group with Jared W. New canyoneering friends :)

Birch to Orderville. Melody, Ben and I. Exited via tubing the narrows. Super fun. But later found out it isn't allowed ;(


Really fun and beautiful raps.


Awesome canyon, great rapps, recommendation would be to place a car shuttle at the lower parking lot.

Frickin' awesome! Wre told this was a busy canyon, but didn't run into anyone else down there, maybe because we didn't get started until 9:30am. Lots of beautiful rappels, some short, some a little longer. Bring two 200 foot ropes and have the first couple of people down go set up the next rappel and things will go a lot faster. Long hike out can be made 2.2 miles shorter (still long) if you spot a 4-wheel drive vehicle 2.2 miles below the Orderville Canyon trailhead.



Guessing on date hiked. Really cool hike that got me into slot canyons. Repel after repel was awesome. If you were to park a truck(4x4) at the bottom there wouldn't be much hike out. Really fun trip.

Estimated date of first visit. Have done this canyon twice, once came out the top of Orderville, other time went all the way down Orderville and out the narrows. Probably go out Orderville if I do it again. Very fun canyon.


Lance, Jen, Lance's Dad Tyler, Paul, Shara, Shara's son Alex. Took almost 8 hours! didn't leave the trailhead until 10:15 and got back to the car at 6. didn't listen to the advice I gave myself from last trip. we left the house at 7:10amit took us an hour to get to the West Zion entrance and another almost hour to get through Zion to the trailhead.then we needed to drop off the vehicles for the shuttle. both vehicles need to be high clearance vehicles, the last 2.5 miles to the orderville turn around parking area (road past the gate) is kind of rough and unable to drive in a car. if we shuttle correctly it will cut off 2.5 miles of hiking uphill on a dirt road and will make it much more enjoyable haha. we also we're pretty slow at every rappel with a couple newbies. we would benefit from at least two 120 foot ropes to set one rappel as the rest are coming down the previous rappel as each rappel is in pretty quick succession. the description says 8 rappels but I think we did 10 or 11.