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Benign Canyon - Dirty Devil

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Absolutely dry canyon including exit hike, full sun almost all day. Pothole escapes were very minor - less down climbing than Poison Springs canyons. More beginner friendly than intermediate. Would not recommend this canyon unless done during late fall or early spring or unless there has been recent rains and you can guarantee there is water in the potholes

Great canyon. Ryan, please remove the rattle snake in the 5th pothole. K Thx.


Super awesome potholes and a great/easy canyon to do in a couple hours!


Fun canyon, easier than expected. Mat almost stepped on a rattlesnake after a down climb, it was the biggest one I've ever seen, and you could really hear the rattle. Some cool down climbs, did the reverse belly slide down one. I did my first meat anchor on the first rappel! Mat, Evan, and Erik all rappelled off of my meat on the first rapp. "Keepers" were dry, and hardly actual keepers, getting out was no problem. Cool parkour spiral staircase on last downclimb. Lovely picnic in idyllic orchard at the bottom. Neat cow skull with toupé on exit hike.