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Choprock Canyon - Escalante

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Approach was rough. Got fairly dehydrated. Took almost four hours from Fence to canyon bottom. From there took 7.5 hours to final rappel. Water levels very low - didn't need wetsuit until grim section. Happy section was lovely, and there were a few other outstanding parts. Grim section was terrifying - all of a sudden started raining when we were in the depths of the narrows. Took shelter on small ledges just 10 or 15 feet above watercourse for 45 minutes, and thank goodness rain was brief and low volume - no raised water levels made it down to us. Might've been challenging yet enjoyable were we not scared sh!tless. After final rappel spent an hour organizing, filtering water, etc. then 2 hours back to camp. Lots of bushwhacking. Overall 14 hours round trip from Fence campsite.

Very low water, the grim section was very nice. We stayed Happy the whole time. Great canyon!

Scott, Alan and I went through Chop. The water was cold but not as cold as I had expected. I wore my 3mm full and never put on my 3 mm shorty, with 5 mm booties. The Grim section took a bite at Alan, he rolled or maybe broke his foot near the mid of the section. The first slots were awesome, Happy section was absolutely beautiful. Grim had pretty good water levels without too many super diff obstacles. This is my fav canyon to date.