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Chris Black and I 6 Raps wetsuits worked great lost 100 ft of rope to user error

Fantastic canyon that is a great for everyone. It has something for everyone, from beginner to experienced canyoneer. Loved that rappels and the views were amazing. The water holes were only up to your waist at the deepest so a wet suite wasn't needed.

Need a shuttle. Uber was $26. Fun and unique canyon. 2:50 hours. Rappels were interesting and high. No wetsuit needed.

Zion-Grand Canyon

Very short and easy canyon. There was very little water when we went, only one pool knee high.

We only rappelled 2-3 times & climbed everything else. Canyone IMO was only mediocre. 1 wet spot waste deep, I wouldn't bring a wetsuit. Canyon with 6 people only took us 2 hours & we got stuck behind another group on the last rap. Last rap 200' was the best part. Careful about a rope eating crack on the pull !!!

Nice short and beautiful red canyon. Although it is an easy canyon, there are a couple of "spicy" rope pulls where you can get your rope stuck in cracks or choke stones. Leave your "pull cord" home, and bring at least 2 real ropes for this one.

Sweet little canyon; we were worried about it being wet but it was perfect for us!