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We did hog one it was a pretty good Canyon with a heinous hike out I would do a car shuttle for the other Canyons

Completed Hog 2 with Tom Bugg and Steven Wagner

Hog 1 Canyon (aka Boss Hawg) - 3A II North Wash, Utah. Quick Facts 01-03-12, 2 people, 1 Day (Travel time in route 4.5 hours) Pictures Icon Time Required - 4 to 5.5 hours Distance - 3.3 miles Total, 0.6 miles Technical Rappels - 1 Rappels, Longest Rappel 12 feet but requires 40 feet of rope travel. A couple of the down climbs may be arguably rappels adding to the count. Gear Used for Canyon Rappelling and anchor gear, Ropes and or pull cords for rappels up to 40 feet and 25 feet of 1 inch webbing for sling placement. General Comments There is one spot of possible chest deep water if recent rains have filled it up. The Hogs tend to drain quickly so there is usually no water here. Hog 1 (Boss Hawg) has only one mandatory rappel but a few down climbs may be arguably rappels so use your judgment and do what you feel is safe. Hog 1 is almost as enjoyable as Hog 3 but not quite. Some of the drops in Hog 1 look and feel like a rappel but are down climbable for those with the skills to do it. Driving Directions To get to the Trailhead From the junction of highways 276 and 95, travel south on highway 276 for 3.6 miles to a dirt road turn off on the left (east) side of the road (extLandOZ-Hogs). Turn left (east) onto the dirt road and drive about 2.1 miles to the crest of a small hill (pkHogsUpper). This spot is also where the road starts to veer from east to south east. Park along side the road to start the hike over to the Hogs. To leave the Exit Vehicle / Escape Pod No exit vehicle required. The Hogs are done as loop routes. Maps GPS coordinate information listed at the bottom. For information about waypoint naming and map symbols, refer to the Glossary page. Map Link Icon Click the links for maps of the route. Map of drive in and route. Map of the route overview. Details The Approach: From the parking spot (pkHogsUpper) walk across the open desert north west at a bearing of 30 degrees for about 0.8 miles over to the rim of the Hog Canyon system (wHogsTopRP-01). This is also where the southern end of a short sandstone cliff band starts. From here you have a good view to the east over the Hog Canyon routes. Note: About 0.4 miles from the parking spot you will pass kind of near (jHogStndExTop) the head of a drainage on the right (east). This drainage is used as one of the exits up out of the Hogs. You likely will not notice it when hiking in on the approach route but I thought it worth mentioning as a helpful hint if you are navigating by map and written route description only. When you get to the sandstone cliff band along the rim (wHogsTopRP-01) walk north along the rim for about about 0.2 miles to the top of a wide gently sloped drainage leading down southeast from the rim here. This is the top of the Hog 4 / Miss Piggy route (yHog4-MsPigyTp). From the top of Miss Piggy (Hog 4), continue north east about 0.2 miles in the rolling desert roughly following the rim. About 600 feet before getting to the obvious head wall for Hog 1 is where you veer right and begin to walk over to the rim (jHog1). Walk over to the rim and look for a spot to start the scramble (wHogOneRP-01) down off the rim and down to Hog 1. This scramble / down climb is on the RDC side of Hog 1 aiming for the slot that starts about 500 or 600 feet down canyon of the obvious headwall for Hog 1. About 100 feet down the slope off the rim you will be on a dirt covered shelf (wHogOneRP-02). Traverse north west along the shelf and route find your way about 300 feet over to and down the slick rock into Hog 1. Aim for the top of a slot forming about 500 feet down canyon of the head wall (yHog1Tp). The Canyoneering / Technical Section: From the top of the slot that starts about 500 feet down canyon of the head wall (yHog1Tp), look for a short steep chute to slide / down climb to a sandy bottom slot. Continue down canyon with easy stemming in a V shaped slot for a little over 200 feet to a short open area with a sandy bottom. The open area is a little over 100 feet long before starting into another section of slot (wHogOneRP-03). After the open area is a down climb / slide of about 15 feet into a narrow slot. A few feet farther is a drop of about 12 feet that can be a very awkward start to down climb. Lowering yourself over the edge and holding your arm over a fin as you go over can help ease into the down climb. This drop can be anchored from a choke stone near the top of the drop if needed. About 50 feet down canyon is another drop of about 10 feet. This drop is more of a steep slide where taller people can easily spread out to control their slide. Shorter people may not be able to control the slide as easy and may want a hand line or thigh belay. This drop can be anchored from a flake near the top of the drop if needed. Right at the bottom of the slide down climb is another down climb of about 10 feet. This drop is awkward to start and can be done by going over feet first on your belly and getting your feet to a sloped ledge about 4 feet down. From there it is overall easy to complete. This drop can be anchored from a large rock near the top of the drop if needed. Just after this drop is another easy down climb of about 10 feet just before getting to a boulder debris area. You can down climb through a hole in the boulder debris for an easy down climb or give yourself a little more challenge by climbing up over the boulders and down the other side. At the bottom of the boulders is an area that could hold waist to chest deep water for a few feet if recent rains have filled the canyon. After the boulder down climb is the start of a narrow section for about 60 or 70 feet before reaching an elevator down climb of about 25 feet. At the bottom of the elevator the narrowness continues. You can walk on the floor but will not fit with your pack on. Shortly after the elevator the canyon makes a sharp left right jog where there is an easy slide / down climb of about 15 feet. After this down climb the canyon stays narrow and still wide enough to walk on the floor of the canyon but is slanted to the left making travel a little awkward. As this slanted section continues the canyon top starts to widen out up higher and get narrow below. Continuing down canyon you need to stem up above the canyon floor for a ways as you go into an area with a few choke stones to navigate over. Soon the bottom starts to widen out a little and you are left with a choice to continue high or drop to the canyon floor. Either option works. Rap 1 is coming up which is anchored form the top of some boulders. Staying high and stemming down canyon will get you to the top of the boulders for rap 1. Going low on the canyon floor takes you under the boulders that rap 1 is anchored from. If you do this it is an easy up climb to the top of the boulders. Rap 1 (dHogOneR1) is anchored from boulders choked between the canyon walls. After setting up the anchor and throwing the rope over down climb on the up canyon side down under the boulders and down climb a sloped chute where you will find your rope dangling from above. Get on rope there and rappel the last 12 feet or so to the canyon floor. The total height of rap 1 from the anchors to the floor is about 40 feet even though you only rap 12 feet. Be sure to extend the webbing for rap 1 over the boulder to allow for an easy rope pull and make sure only 40 feet of rope travel is needed for the drop. After rap 1 are a couple short easy scramble down climbs as the canyon veers right. Then walk down canyon a few hundred feet before reaching a short section of twisted walls with short drops of 3 to 5 feet. After the short twisties the canyon slowly widens out and gives way to easy travel with some boulder hopping over rock fall debris. About 1000 feet down canyon of rap 1 a side drainage joins in from RDC (west). This is where Hog 4 (Miss Piggy drops into Hog 1. Continue down canyon over a few small pools that are easily stemmed over. About 250 feet from the junction of Hog 4 and Hog 1 is the top of an elevator down climb into a deep narrow slot (wHogOneRP-06). The elevator down climb into the narrow slot is about 30 feet and has walls smooth enough to allow a fun fast elevator down. The bottom of the slot has a flat sandy floor to walk on and is narrow enough that you will likely need to take your back pack off to continue through. As you continue down canyon in the slot the walls are twisted and scenic and slowly widen out. A couple of spots can hold water about shin deep and can be easily stemmed over if you don't want to get your feet wet. About 250 feet down canyon of the elevator the walls widen out allowing easy walking in a wide slot. Continue down canyon as the walls continue to get wider as the canyon makes a slow long sweep to the left. Continue down the now wider canyon with some vegetation about 500 feet to the confluence of the bottoms of both the Hog 1 and Hog 2 canyons (yHog-1and2-Bt). The Exit(s): When you get to the confluence of the bottom of the Hog 1 and Hog 2 canyons (yHog-1and2-Bt), you have two choices for an exit route. Option one is the standard exit which climbs up a ravine southwest of Hog 4. Option two is to climb up the slick rock between Hogs 1 and 2. Exit Option One - Standard Exit Route: Option one is the standard exit and is about 1.6 miles back to the parking spot for the top entry to the Hog System. This option climbs up out of the Hog Canyon area in a rocky ravine to the flat desert above. This exit is shorter but involves more scrambling up boulders in the ravine. This route also does not involve the difficult up climb that the other option has. If you entered the Hogs from the top and are done for the day this is the shortest and easiest route back to the car. To follow option 1, continue down the wash about 0.4 miles to a canyon joining in from the left (northeast) which is the bottom of Hog 3 (yHog3-Bt). As you head down the wash down canyon of Hogs 1 and 2, look for a way to get up on the ledge on the RDC (southwest) side to find a use trail. The use trail stays up out of the wash to avoid wet and heavy vegetation. Note: Walking down canyon all the way to the bottom of Hog 3 is optional and is about 0.5 miles longer than need be. However I have not done the shorter version and can not give details on it. If you wish to route find your own way for this short cut..... From the bottom of Hog 1, continue down the wash about 600 feet then climb the left (west) side of the drainage. After finding your way to the top continue southwest and route find your way about 600 feet over to way point wHogStndExRP-3. When you get to waypoint wHogStndExRP-3 continue on the remainder of the route as described. From the bottom of Hog 3 (yHog3-Bt) walk west directly across to the other side of the drainage you dumped into. Route find your way up the bank on the west side up onto the desert above. The bank is about 40 or 50 feet high and a mick of dirt and sandstone. When you get to the top of the bank (wHogStndExRP-1), walk north west traversing up and along the dirt covered hillside. After about 400 feet the route will begin to level off a little into a mix of rolling desert and slick rock. As the route levels off you begin to get good views toward the exit gully /ravine to the north west. Note / Visual Navigation Note: As you get to a point where you have good views of the entire area you will be able to see Hog 3 to the northeast and see over toward the area for Hogs 1 and 2 to the north. Look north west for a large ravine / gully running north west up to the rim. This gully / ravine is the exit route. To the left (south or southwest) will be a larger drainage with an obvious huge vertical head wall. Example Pic. This is walking toward the standard exit gully. Hogs 1 and 2 are to the right, the exit gully is center image. Note the bottom of another canyon on the left which has a huge vertical head wall which can be seen as you continue the walk to the exit gully. About 0.25 miles after getting up out of the drainage at the bottom of Hog 3 the route toward the exit gully will cross over (wHogStndExRP-2) a wide slick rock drainage. The point marked here for crossing the drainage is located at a fork in the drainage where the north fork goes up to the exit gully and the west fork goes over to the side canyon with the huge head wall. Cross over the drainage and start traveling up the slick rock running up along the north side of the drainage. Following up out of this drainage avoids obstacles down in it. About 450 feet after crossing the drainage you will get to what feels like a top out in the slick rock (wHogStndExRP-3) where you have a good view over to the exit gully. From this top out on slick rock do not climb any higher. Instead traverse along whatever route feels comfortable to get over and into the exit gully a few hundred feet ahead. Scramble and hike your way up the exit gully for about 0.3 miles. There is a lot of scrambling on the way up this gully but non of it is overly difficult, just a lot of it. As you get near the top of the gully you will notice it begins to get a lot steeper. Keep an eye on the left (southwest) wall and look up high for an obvious rock pinnacle. Example Pic. Keep an eye on the left wall as you get near the top of the exit gully. Look for this rock pinnacle for a clue when to start climbing the left side wall along ledges. As you get roughly parallel with the rock pinnacle look for a series of ledges to climb up to get to the ridge just above the pinnacle. There are multiple ways to climb up the ledges. Some of the spots to climb up will feel a little exposed and make you think a little to complete the moves. There are only a couple spots that may be moderately difficult but over all an easy series of ledges to get up. About 80 feet up you will get to sloped dirt to walk up. After getting up onto the ridge above the pinnacle (wHogStndExRP-5) walk up the sloped dirt ridge about 250 feet to join the approach route in the rolling desert (jHogStndExTop). After meeting with the approach route (jHogStndExTop) veer left and walk about 0.45 miles southwest on a bearing of 216 degrees back to the parking spot for the top entry to the Hogs (pkHogsUpper). Exit Option Two - Alternate Slick Rock Exit: Option two is begins with a difficult up climb on steep slick rock (generally rated as a 5.7) then becomes an over all easy route following up slick rock to the desert above. This route is the longer option back to the cars at the top entry coming in at about 2 miles. This is a good exit to use if you plan to do more than one Hog in a day. Using this exit gets you to the desert above the Hog system between the tops of Hogs 1 and 2 making the traverse over to any of the Hogs easy. If you are planning to do a second Hog after your exit up, this exit is a good choice as it will get you to the rim in a spot to quickly head over to the head of any of the other Hogs. To follow exit option 2.... When you get to the end of Hog 1 at the confluence of Hog 2 (yHog-1and2-Bt) turn left (east) and start into the bottom of Hog 2. Look for a smooth steep sloped section of slick rock starting up the nose between Hogs 1 and 2. The base of the climb is on a ledge above the vegetated canyon floor next to Hog 1. Note / Warning: The first 25 to 30 feet of this exit involves a steeply sloped almost smooth section of slick rock and is generally rated as a 5.7 up climb. If you are confident of your skills for a slab style up climb for about 30 feet you are good to go. If you are not confident in your ability you should have someone along on the route that is if you intend to use this exit. The first person up can tie a rope to them selves and offer a meat anchored hand line for every one else. The good thing is the hardest part of this route is the very first 30 feet. If you check out the climb up and decide it is not what you want to do you have not committed too much time to the effort. If you check it out and decide you do not want to make the climb you can turn around and follow the standard exit up out of the Hog system. If you make it up this climb the rest of the route up is easy and will get you to the rim between Hogs 1 and 2 ready to go over to the head of another Hog. Example Pic. This is is the first 30 foot climb up the slick rock exit. If you make it up this the rest is an easy up hill slog on slick rock to the rim. After getting up to the top of the 30 foot up climb (wHogAltExRP-1) route find your way north up the wide wandering slick rock ridge. About 0.35 miles up the ridge you will begin to see a distinct pointy slick rock peak about 0.2 miles ahead. Continue the 0.2 miles up the slick rock to the top of the peak (wHogAltExRP-2). From the peak the route levels off and continues north along the now dirt covered ridge. A little over 500 feet after the peak is the base (wHogAltExRP-3) of a sandstone cliff band about 40 feet high. To continue the exit up and back to the cars parked at the upper parking area, find a spot to climb / scramble up onto the top of the cliff band then continue north west about 600 feet to meet up with the route that travels along the tops of the Hogs (jHogSlickRkEx). There is no specific landmark here. Note: From the base of the cliff band (wHogAltExRP-3) if you plan to go over to Hog 2 or Hog 3 do not climb up the cliff band. Instead veer right and follow the ledge system about eastish about 700 feet over to the head of Hog 2. Or continue beyond the head of Hog 2 wrapping around south east then south down to the top of Hog 3 about 0.5 miles away. After meeting up with the approach route turn left and head west about 250 feet over to the head of Hog 1 (yHog1Tp). From the top of Hog 1 roughly follow the rim and route find your way west then wrapping around southwest through the rolling desert. About 0.35 miles from the top of Hog 1 will be a wide dirt ravine / drainage dropping down from the rim and heading down southeast. This is the top of Hog 4 (yHog4-MsPigyTp). Note: From the top of Miss Piggy the top entry parking area is about 1 mile southwest on a bearing of 208 degrees. Continue south along the rim crossing over the top of a small sandstone cliff band (wHogsTopRP-01) about 700 feet away. After crossing over the sandstone cliff band route find your way southwest through the desert back to the road where you parked your cars at the top entry (pkHogsUpper).

Hog 2 first, then hog 1


Started Ms. Piggy around 10 am. Dropped down into Hog 1 and exited ~ 1:30 pm. Drew solo'ed up the shortcut route and built a handline for the rest of us. Entered Hog 2. Anchor was in place for final down climb in birth canal. Need to go back for the down climb experience!

Did 1 the first day. Then did 4 & 2 the second day. After doing 2 we bushwhacked down to hog springs. Would not recommend. Also ran into poison ivy. Maybe we missed the trail? Didn't get to see the waterfall and the pool was gross, found a little pool on the way to hog springs for a dip

2nd Solo Canyon, Hog 1

Canyon itself was fun, exit scramble was god awful. Would not do a hog again unless using a shuttle or trying the shortcut route.

Hog 2, shortcut exit. awesome!


Hog #2 (3.5hrs) all dry

Hog 3 from top / miss piggy, hike out to top.

We did hog 1 and 2! Hog two has an epic finish through the birth canal! #1 is technical and super fun!

Hog 1: tight, technical Hog 2: More fun, sketchy rock pile first rappel, cool final exit move through "birth canal"

Completed Hog 3 with Hannah Chipman, Will Oborn, and Sierra Myers. Dropped in accidentally when aiming for Hog 2.

Bitterly cold day. Finally extracted ourselves from fire to go do Hog 2. Parked at Hog Springs and went up the shortcut exit. Didn't find anything close to a 40m abseil. Our longest was about 15m. Great day in the end despite some lost hardware in the final chute.

Hog #1 (5hrs 20min) exited wrong gully

Hog2 and Miss Piggy are dry and in great shape. Fun canyons. Bring your long sleeves.

did hog 2 then hog 1, a day trip from provo. hog 1 was siginifivantly more sustained and physical than 2. the exit route was impossible to follow let up a very steep gully, i would recomend the climbers exit, very easy.

Hog 1 & 2. The first rappel on Hog 2 didn't seem as long as described. Really great exit through the "birth canal"! Hog 1 had us using a hand line a few times. It was tighter than I was expecting, but really fun!

Did all but Hog 3 over two days. A bit nippy in the shadows in December, but fortunately all water was avoidable. Hog 1 tighter/squeezier then we were expecting but still a lot of fun. 4 or 2 were our favorites.


Hog 3

We did hog 2. We must have missed the long first rappel. The exit can you had some of the most challenging terrain.


Did Hog 1 and 2. Hog 2 was awesome! great downclimbing at the exit, exciting blind rap to a pool, and crazy 1st rap from a deadman.


hog 2 only, 3.75 hrsC2C-biffed entry twice! Ryan traverse is sketch, Kelsy(walk out to ridge on RDC and down slickrock to a bit below R1) is good. 100ft. rope &100ft. pull-cord, headlights, very tight squeeze-claustrophobic! exit upclimb is a hump!