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Rock Canyon - Zion South Side

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Completely destroyed my truck on the way in, both suspension and paint job. Once at canyon, it was a really great blend of drops and beautiful Icy waterfalls. CO-guided with group of 12

Elisha, the boys and me. Fun day. Shorter canyon than I expected.

Climb out of the riverbed was 50 feet short of the confluence with the East Fork on the left. Awesome route, took a standard Honda CRV all the way to the trail head although got some odd looks from 4 wheelers taking it so far in the sand. Always have a shovel and a pump in the sand!

This canyon can be as fun or not fun as you want it to be. The long drive is rough, but that is the only downside I can see. We did not see another soul the entire time we were out there. We also ended up exiting down the Barracks and out French Canyon. I highly recommend this. French Canyon was stunning. Because Rock Canyon is so short, I think it would be fun to pack inflatable tubes and float the Barracks when the river is a little higher.

Beautiful. Frozen waterfall at rap 4 was gorgeous.