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We attempted Telephone Canyon with two 70M dynamic climbing ropes and assumed that because we were climbers, a slot canyon would be easy. On the first rappel we rappelled too far and around a corner a full 200ft down and got our rope stuck. We didn't have ascenders so I tied into one side and my brother used just a gri gri to ascend the 200ft back up. When he reached the top he saw that the rope had been sawing through on the edge and it was almost halfway cut through! Luckily we had the two ropes tied together and he only had to cut 4ft off the end of the rope. Lesson learned: bring ascenders and static rope. We quickly got on our way and started down the cold and snowy telephone canyon, exiting luckily before dark. We had Olivia, Kirby, Elsie and Kenna with us.

This is probably the only canyon I've ever hated. Every surface was covered with a thin dust that made slipping and falling relentless and tiresome. Several rappels were into areas that had gathered unavoidable piles of sharp sticks on which you could impale yourself.

Long hike out- difficult in the dark