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Fire Canyon - Capitol Reef

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Choprock canyon, second canyon trip. Rappels easy, got out in 6 hours. Canyon was definitely on easy mode.

First rap is awesome. Canyon Colby made an appearance and was nearly lost in his own madness when attempting to comprehend the mind of "whacky canyoneers".

Some of these downclimbs had webbing on them because they can be slick and look more difficult than they really might be from the top. When in 3B mode (as it was when we did it), expect more raps or at least be smart and send someone down to check it out first.

totally dry anchors looked new only one stand of of webbing on most but solid . down climb is tricky aim right LDC got a core shot on the 2nd rap watch that edge or go more to the right

Pretty boring canyon. Not much stemming or down climbing.