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Android Apps Available on Google Play

Android apps are available on Google Play. The most complete and sophisticated app for exploring southern Utah. All of the area information (including maps) from the site available in an easy to use off-line app. See what adventures are near you, view the map, and even see your current location on the map.

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Site Changes

NEW! Routes now have an interactive google map.

NEW! Permits needed in Arches now.

NEW! Android App Updated Now includes Capitol Reef as well!

NEW! What's in a name?


Best write-up I've seen for this route.
Road Trip Ryan is the source for canyoneering, slot canyon hiking and climbing information, as well as many other unique adventures. Route descriptions include detailed maps, GPS waypoints, and in some cases detailed photos to keep you on the right path. Information from diverse areas of Utah, such as Moab, Zion, Robbers Roost, and North Wash showcase some of the most amazing places not just in Utah, but in the world.

If you are new to outdoor road trips, start with the easier rated canyons, climbs, and hikes, then progress to the more difficult. Places described on this site are, by design, generally off the beaten path. Also, keep in mind weather in Utah is diverse. Summers can be scorching hot in the south, or flooding with monsoon rains, while winters can range from pleasant to down right cold. Choose adventures based on both ability and season.

New to the site? Some good starting points: Gas up the car, pack the backpack, and coil the ropes, your adventure awaits.


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