Chaffin Ranch Cold Water Geyser

San Rafael Desert

Roadside Attraction Chaffin Ranch Cold Water Geyser - San Rafael Desert Roadside Attraction Chaffin Ranch Cold Water Geyser - San Rafael Desert

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RATING: Roadside Attraction
LENGTH: 2-3 hours
MAPS: Horse Bench East, UT
SEASON: Any, most active in the spring/summer.

Chaffin Ranch Cold Water Geyser is another geyser created by man when drilling core samples, the same process that created the nearby Crystal Geyser. The drilling allows water to permeate a C02 laden layer of rock. Once the pressure builds up, the drill hole provides an escape for the C02 and water. After eruption, ground water re-charges the system, and the process continues.

Chaffin Geyser typically erupts every 2-4 hours, much more frequent schedule than Crystal Geyser. The geyser, however, does seem to be seasonal. It appears to be more reliable in the spring and summer, and it erupts less often in the late fall and winter. This is likely due to ground water levels. At it's peak, it erupts up to about 10 m ( 33 ft. ) ft high. This is a great place to visit with kids.

If visiting, plan on spending a few hours. If the area around the geyser is completely dry, it maybe a time of year when it doesn't erupt very often. Several old abandoned cars in the area give the place added character.

Getting There

From down town Green River, follow the main road to the airport sign (Long Street). Go south on Long Street several blocks until it's junction with Green River Avenue. Go left (east) on Green River Avenue a block to the junction with Airport Road. Follow Airport Road over the rail road tracks, and under the highway. Reset your odometer on the other side of the highway, as you cross the cattle guard.

Continue on Airport Road for 1.9 miles to a junction signed Horseshoe Canyon. Go left here, resetting your odometer. The road is now dirt, and usually passable by any vehicle when dry. There are many side roads, but continue to stay on the main road for 19.4 miles to where a road goes off on the left. This is easy to locate, as it is 0.2 miles BEFORE the San Rafael River and bridge. If you reach the bridge, just turn around and take the first side road.

Follow the side road 1.0 miles to a fence, and the geyser at 1.05 miles. The geyser, and several old cars, are clearly visible.

The GPS Coordinate of the geyser is 12S 575793mE 4290888mN


  Geyser  12S 575793mE 4290888mN

Old car near Chaffin Geyser
Old car near Chaffin Geyser

Note: The geyser is on private property. Please be respectful when visiting, and leave the area as you found it.

No map needed.