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Roadside Attraction Crystal Geyser - Green River Roadside Attraction Crystal Geyser - Green River

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LENGTH: 1+ hours
MAPS: Green River, UT

Crystal Geyser is a cold water geyser near Green River. Due to it's unpredictability, it can be an exercise in patience. It can go off anywhere between every hour to 24+ hours! Even if you don't get lucky enough to see it erupting, it is an interesting place to visit.

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Getting There

When dry, the trailhead is reachable in any vehicle.

To get there, take the east Green River exit (exit 164).

  • Go south, then east (left) onto the frontage road that parallels the highway. ( 12S 576120mE 4314244mN )
  • After 2.2 miles, turn south (right). ( 12S 579001mE 4312363mN )
  • Continue 3.5 more miles where a junction is encountered. Go right. ( 12S 575460mE 4309857mN )
  • Travel about 0.5 miles to the geyser. ( 12S 574985mE 4310246mN )


  Geyser  12S 574985mE 4310246mN

Crystal Geyser
Crystal Geyser

The geyser is a large flat area with a pipe sticking out. Eruptions of the geyser have created a large amount of yellow flow stone as the water drains down to the Green River a short distance away. It follows common sense, but please do not put anything down the pipe of try and approach the pipe during an eruption.

Eruptions occur at unpredictable intervals, and for unpredictable lengths. If you want to see an eruption, the best plan is to camp near the geyser. Although camping is not great, it is certainly possible. The noise when it erupts is enough to wake all but the deepest sleepers.

Wikipedia has an article on Crystal Geyser, but it is limited.


  1. by: palestrina7 2011-12-31 08:53:08.0
    One small correction to this set of directions. While the exit is indeed #164 it is NOT the Greenriver West exit but the East one. The west one puts you on the wrong side of the river, miles away. You can drive right to the geyser and it is on the bank of the Green River. Lovely spot to spend an afternoon waiting for an eruption, which can be spectacular, if you are lucky.
  2. by: ryancornia 2012-01-03 03:01:19.0
    Thanks, now updated. :)

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