Android TripGuide App Version 5

Android TripGuide App Version 5

Spring 2018

The android app is getting an update, adding the two most requested features synching and overview map!


Sync My Todos and My Comments between and the app.

Yes, all your data seemlessly moved between the device and the website.

First, choose settings from the main screen.

Next, check the Sync with and enter you credentials.



That's it, your comments and todos will sync at startup if a data connection is available. If your impatient, you can also initiate a sync from the settings menu.

How does it work?

For a trip, there is now a My Info tab (if synching is enabled) that shows your notes and todo information for the trip.


On the main area page, there My Todo List and My Tick List items to see trips in that are that are on your tick and todo list, for quick access.


Overview Map