West Desert


Utah's West Desert is a vast area, generally considered west of I-15. Large expanses of barren land hide many charms and gems for those taking the time to find them.

Season To Visit

Summers can be brutally hot, and winters brutally cold for short periods. This is a harsh environment. Spring and fall are preferred seasons, although during warm spells the winter can be nice as well.

Amenities & Camping

Delta, Fillmore, Wendover and the likes are towns on the fringes of the West Desert. Most of the region is away from civilization. Camping is pretty much a free-for-all. There are many amazing spots. Some areas are a mix of private property and public lands. If signed No Trespassing, respect the owners rights and continue on, public lands are usually not far away.

Don't create new fire rings or trample vegetation, there are plenty of washes or existing sites to camp in. With all camping: Practice low impact techniques, and pack out all garbage.

What To Do

Resplendent solitude is the biggest draw in my opinion. This is a place to get away from civilization!

The West Desert has a long history of native people inhabitation. Many areas, such as around Fillmore, have rock art that would rival the more popular sites in Southern Utah. The sites tend to be isolated and not see many visitors. Devils Kitchen is an excellent introduction to rock art of area.

This area holds most of the mountain ranges in Utah. For the adventurous peak bagger, a seemingly endless number of summits can be hiked. Most are short on distance but can be big on elevation. Social trails are non-existent for the most part. Good map reading skills and experience are required. The Silver Island Mountains, near Wendover, are a great place to start and can keep a peak bagger busy for a weekend or two visiting seldom trodden summits. Lamus Peak is one of my favorites in the Silver Island Mountains.


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