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RATING: Easy/Moderate Hike
LENGTH: 2-3 hours
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
WATER: Generally at trailhead
SEASON: Fall, Winter, Spring recommended.
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The settlers of Iosepa, in addition to leaving a well-kept cemetery, also left their mark on the area at Story Rock. The rock, a large boulder, sits alone on Salt Mountain. The Iosepa settlers carved petroglyphs into the rock, presumably, to tell a story of their roots in Polynesia.

Though not old by most standards (carved after 1889), the petroglyphs hold a mesmerizing mystique. Unique to any others in Utah, the symbols are fascinating to see and leaving the viewer pondering the story the artists were trying convey.

Note: The hike is off trail on exposed foothills. Snake risk is HIGH in warmer times of the year. We saw two garter snakes on our relatively cool April visit, but there are sure to be rattlers as well. Be snake aware, or visit in cooler times of the year! The hike is do-able in the winter if there is not much snow on the ground.

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