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Trips & Attractions

Five Mile - Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef is a diverse destination. Many short park trails and scenic drives make for great family fun, while some technical canyoneering adventures keep the more adventurous entertained.

Fry Canyon - Cedar Mesa

Cedar Mesa

This are is renowned for its Indian ruins and rock art, Cedar Mesa / Bears Ears National Monument takes up the southeast corner of Utah.

Dunham Slot - Paria

Escalante & Bryce

Escalante area is likely best known for its stunning backpacking opportunities. There are also plenty of hiking and canyoneering adventures. This makes a great spring and fall destination and would take a lifetime to fully explore.

Fiddlestick Canyon - Bullfrog

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is unique in the world with miles and miles of exquisite boating. Beyond the boating, however, are some of the most stunning canyoneering and hiking adventures on the Colorado Plateau.

Fisher Towers - Moab


Moab, the civilized desert. This is THE place to go for easy access canyoneering, hiking, roadside attractions, and then end the day with fine dining and a 4-star hotel.

Swett and Woodruff Canyons - Trachyte

North Wash

Canyoneering is king in North Wash, and likely the reason most visit. North Wash canyons tend to be short, narrow, and physical. This is the place to bring long sleeves and long pants. With easy access, next to the highway, this makes a good choice for groups.

Bonnie Lake - Western Uintas

Northern Utah

Northern Utah is the most populated area in Utah, though once you venture an hour or so away from the Wasatch Front, solitude can be found.

Northwest Fork of Big Spring Canyon - High Spur

Robbers Roost

The Roost is a very remote area of south eastern Utah. Canyoneering adventures in Robbers Roost tend to be fairly dry, and have long exits. The area was used in the late 1800's and early 1900's by outlaws, hence the name.

Upper Black Box - San Rafael Swell

San Rafael Swell

My favorite area in Utah, the San Rafael Swell offers excellent camping, hiking, canyoneering, and rock climbing. For solitude and amazing views, this is the place to go.

Red Pine Lake - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Wasatch Front

The Wasatch Front offers excellent hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and skiing all within a short drive of Utah's major population centers. There are many peaks to hike, climbs to climb, and routes to ski.

Black Rock Spring - Delta

West Desert

Utah's West Desert is a barren place, far more populated by wild horses and coyotes than people. Hiking and exploring the west desert is a solitary activity, but there is a stark beauty in the area, and many interesting things to see and do.

Spry Canyon - Zion Main Canyon

Zion & Southwest

Quite possibly the canyoneering capital in the US, Zion offers  canyoneering, climbing, and hiking among towering sandstone walls. The park itself is a destination, but within a short distance of the park are many additional wonders to be visited.