Carbon County

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Carbon County is, in my opinion, one of the often overlooked gems of Utah as people from the Wasatch Front hurry through on their way to destinations more to the south, like Moab.

Native peoples lived in the county for millennia, leaving behind rock art and other sites that are some of the most extensive in Utah. Nine Mile Canyon, for instance, is touted as the world's longest outdoor gallery.

In more modern times, the county was established in 1894 and named Carbon County because of the large coal mining occurring in the county. It was originally part of Emery County to the south, but split off after the railroad was built in 1893 and the demographics of the area around Price changed.

The county is the second-largest natural gas producer in Utah, and still the site of extensive coal mining. Mining has always been the main driver of industry in the county, and has lead to a rich history. The town of Helper, for instance, had over two dozen nationalities settled in the small community during the early mining days. People from all over the world came to work in the mines.

The geology of the county that makes it rich in coal deposits also makes it rich in dinosaur fossils. Price has an outstanding dinosaur museum with many of the specimens found in Carbon County or the nearby areas.

Amenities & Camping

Price is the largest town in Carbon County and the county seat. It has everything you could need, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, etc… It has an outstanding dinosaur museum and an outdoor wave pool open in the summer. Helper, a few minutes north of Price, is a much smaller town with a few services but an immense amount of charm. There is a great RV park in Helper and the town hosts many events and has a wonderful outdoor pool in the summer.

Wellington is the gateway to Nine Mile Canyon and also has some services.

On the east side of the county, East Carbon and Sunnyside are great small towns. They don't have many services, but nice city parks and things to see.

Much of the land, outside the towns, is public land. Dispersed camping is relatively easy to come by, but be sure to follow low-impact camping practices. The Price Recreation Area, up Price Canyon, offers a dozen first come first-served sites. For details, see the BLM site:

Things to do

The county has been heavily promoting the area as the Carbon Corridor, with many activities to see and do. The top of my list is Nine Mile Canyon. If you have any interest in rock art, this canyon is an absolute must-do. My daughter loved the Buried Forest hike as well as Gordon Creek Falls. In the heat of the summer, Bruin Point is a great escape from the heat.


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