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The good things in life are free. A spectacular view while watching the sunset over the desert, the feel of smooth sandstone under your fingers as you slip through a sinuous slot, viewing a pictograph panel from ancient times, or the thrill of successfully down climbing an obstacle are all monetarily free, but provide a rich life.

In this day and age, when everyone expects information to be free, it is nice to give back to what contributes to the amazing experiences you have been able to have. I sincerely hope this website has enabled you to have the types of life changing experiences in beautiful and amazing places that I have had the extreme good fortune to have had and continue to have.

It takes a large amount of effort to create this website. Each trip requires detailed notes, directions, gear, and map creation. This doesn't include the many hours in the development of the site and dollars spent in hosting costs. In the past few years, the site has grown at an incredible rate, causing it to need to be moved several times to hosting providers with more resources to handle the traffic.

If its valuable to you, donate to help keep the site going and new trips coming! As costs grow with the site, it is important that those who gain value from it, and appreciate it, donate to help it continue to grow. Donating shows you value the site and the experiences it provides.