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RATING: Easy Hiking
LENGTH: 1-3 hours
GEAR: Standard hiking gear.
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Currently access to Anniversary Narrows is closed! See more at This is a great, short hike that I hope will eventually be re-opened.

Less than an hour away from Las Vegas, tucked on the edge of the Muddy Mountains, near Lake Mead, the Anniversary Narrows of Lovell Wash have to be one of the most scenic and easy to access slot canyons around. The area has striking, vibrant colors, and very similar topology to the eastern reef of the San Rafael Swell in Utah, where layers of rock have been pushed up at steep angles with water cutting sinuous channels through over time. Morning seem to offer the best light for photos.

The area has a rich history. It became popular in the early 1920's for Borax mining, which has left the area with various ruins to visit on the way to the narrows, including the Anniversary mine, it's namesake. Borax is used in many commercial products including detergents, cosmetics, fiberglass, etc... Through the years it has also become popular as a gem collecting area. Currently the Las Vegas Gem Club holds rights to the area.

This is a great family friendly hike suitable to most. Access requires a high clearance vehicle, or carefully driven car when the road is in good shape. Otherwise the road section can be walked in less than an hour each way. As a popular outing, expect to see others, especially on weekends. Given the climate, this makes a great Fall, Winter, or Spring hike. It is also very reasonable in the mornings or evenings in hotter times of the year.

A side note, the canyon is typically dry. The pictures from this visit were taken after several days of rain, leaving the canyon with a small flowing stream. It made for an exquisite day out.

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