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TICKS & TODOS: 4 Todo Lists / 2 Ticks
RATING: Easy Hiking
LENGTH: 3-5 hours
GEAR: Standard hiking gear.
SEASON: Fall, Winter, Spring
Fri Hi:102 Lo:73 Sat Hi:101 Lo:73 Sun Hi:98 Lo:73 Mon Hi:93 Lo:72 Tue Hi:91 Lo:64
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Of the three most popular hot springs in the area, Gold Strike Canyon, Boy Scout Canyon, and Arizona Hot Springs, Arizona seems to be hands down the most popular and likely most enjoyable of the 3 to visit. The hot springs themselves are in Arizona Canyon with is deep, narrow, and perfect for a nice soak. Unlike Boy Scout, and Gold Strike, the approach hike is suitable for most. There is one obstacle, a 5 m ( 17 ft. ) ladder, right before the hot springs, but the rest of the hike down White Rock canyon is easy and very scenic. As of December 2010, the ladder was well placed and easy to climb up.

Due to heat and snake danger, this hike is best enjoyed in the late fall through early spring. Dogs will have difficulty with the ladder, so are best left at home unless you are confident you can safely raise and lower them. Lucy the wonder-dog came along, but she is well versed in being carted up and down things. If a dog struggled, getting them up or down would be difficult and dangerous. The area is very popular with both hikers and boaters. Be sure to cleanup after yourself and others. Also, at the entrance to Arizona canyon, on the downstream side, there are pit toilets for visitor use. Please use them if possible, to minimize impacts on the area.

Note: Soak at your own risk! There are concerns of naegleria fowleri at many hot springs (including this one). According to the CDC, infection rates are extremely low (33 people between 1998 and 2007). If soaking, at the very least, try to avoid getting water in your nose, as this is the route of infection.

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