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Second weekend in the North Wash

Justin, Greg, and I were on a quest to stay dry in one of Utah's wettest years of recent history. Started with Farnsworth Canyon in the Eastern Swell on Friday; really enjoyed the beautiful hike and stunning rappel. Camped in the wash nearby Friday night which was a great place to stay. Saturday we did the North Fork of the Angel Cove Slot Canyon. Many of the anchors and fixed ropes were missing and there was a lot of water. We spent a long time setting up a guided rappel with our new friends Scott and Amy to avoid getting wet at the first major pool, only to find an unavoidable waist deep wade not long after. Camped in Sandthrax campground Saturday night, which was packed. Greg did epic Blarney with some other friends in the dark. Finished off the weekend with Hogwarts on Sunday, where our feet inevitably got wet. Great last weekend in southern Utah before we move.



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sorryshan Trip Reports