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Trip Reports

Nankoweap Trail - Grand Canyon

There was still snow on the south facing sides of the north rim section of the Nankoweap Trail on April 15th that made for some tricky hiking. Poles and careful teamwork is recommended.  The campsite near the trailhead is in good shape but a campfire is not a good idea given the vegetation. Th...
2017-04-23 07:11:12.0
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Pleiades Canyon

Pleiades Canyon My buddy and I completed this canyon yesterday (9/17/16). It was my first weekend canyoneering, and my partner was the one showing me the sport. Unfortunately, on the 3rd rappel, he pulled his shoulder out instinctively grabbing onto a rock(Not a great place to be injured). Fortu...
2016-09-19 00:11:42.0
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Na-gah 6/18/16

Descended Na-gah over the weekend with Cassidy as the other half of the day. Great canyon!  If you stay in the water course new webbing as been rigged and adds an early rappel (80' or so) then continues to the downclimbs which someone has left webbing at each location in case of the need t...
2016-06-29 14:46:06.0
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Nighthawk and others in Capitol

Memorial day weekend was filled with canyons!  Completed Wives 5, 2; Nighthawk and Cassidy Arch. Nighthawk: Great canyon, potholes were mostly full of sand/dirt so no real escapes required. One or two required a partner assist to enter the pothole but not as difficult. Completed in 5 hou...
2016-06-01 17:45:38.0
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04/02/16 - 04/03/2016 Neon, Egypt 1, Egypt 2.

Group of 5 Neon - Great time of year to do Neon. The first half of the canyon was completely dry. At the first pothole we suited up in our wetsuits, gloves, & booties & dropped in to the water which we were very glad we had. The water was cold but fun. First pothole was waist deep & ...
2016-04-05 18:26:10.0
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Behunin Canyon, March 5, 2016

Great day for Behunin. Snow in Little Siberia area made for a slick approach. Some snow pack in the upper part of Behunin made sure that the little bit of flow was extremely cold but no real deep spots, except the 6th rap, first person will get good and wet but can guide everyone else over the pool...
2016-03-08 19:37:52.0
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Escape from Alcatraz

Five of us from Denver decided to undertake Alcatraz as our first canyoneering adventure in October 2014.  Wow! It was a blast, but often referenced by us as 'type two' fun:) A couple of us were experienced climbers, a couple of us were on Alpine Search and Rescue, and our final member...
2015-05-26 01:48:37.0
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Lower Fish Creek to Reverse Hands Ruin

This is an easy hike now. The BLM has developed it with trail markers and the trail itself appears to be maintained or at least well used. I remember having to do some bushwhacking and creek crossings in the past. The first two ruins are in close proximity to each other. We think the mileage was 3....
2015-03-25 19:01:22.0
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U-Turn Canyon

Great short canyon for beginners looking for some repels. I did this canyon as  sunrise hike and it has great views as you finish the apporach....
2015-02-22 20:43:43.0
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Hiking the Anasazi Trail.

My trip report is found at this address:
2014-12-31 02:03:55.0
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