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Robbers Roost

Canyoneering Not Mindbender Canyon - Robbers Roost Canyoneering Not Mindbender Canyon
Robbers Roost

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TICKS & TODOS: 22 Todo Lists / 10 Ticks
LENGTH: 5-7 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear, Moderate Route Finding
RAPPELS: 2 to 27 m ( 89 ft. )
WATER: Generally little or none unless right after rains.
FLASHFLOOD: Moderate, but you can see the whole drainage and skies on the approach.
SEASON: Any, although summers can be hot. Roads can be difficult to pass in the winter.
Tue Hi:74 Lo:47 Wed Hi:78 Lo:49 Thu Hi:80 Lo:51 Fri Hi:82 Lo:54 Sat Hi:80 Lo:53
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One of my climber friends once told me that Not Mindbender was one of the best canyons he had done in the Roost. I would very much echo his sentiment. There are other canyons in the Roost that are more narrow or difficult, but Not Mindbender tops the list for its beauty and charm. The exit requires someone with moderate climbing ability (5.5/10 m ( 33 ft. )), but is worth the effort. Don't miss this canyon if you are in the Roost. The longer variation described here is recommended for those with two cars, wanting a longer day. The standard route described drops into the main canyon just as it is getting good and is my personal favorite for a nice casual day in an amazing canyon.

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