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LENGTH: 2-4 hours
GEAR: A short rope may be handy. < 10 m ( 33 ft. )
MAPS: Bull Valley Gorge, UT
WATER: Can be dry, or can have some wading. If wading, be mindful that reversing the downclimbs with muddy feet will be harder. High flashflood danger, but you can see the drainage from the trailhead.
SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall
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Bull Valley Gorge is an interesting place. The road goes over the gorge proper where a car accident occurred back in the 50's. The occupants of the car were killed, and their bodies recovered, but the car was left wedged into the gorge, and the road re-built on top of it.As you go under the bridge, the car is clearly, and somewhat eerily visible high above.

Getting There

Head south out of Cannonville toward Kodachrome basin on the Kodachrome Basin road for 2.7 miles to the Skutumpah Road.

  • This road is signed to Bull Valley gorge. Turn onto it and reset your odometer. ( 12S 407246mE 4154284mN / N37° 31' 51" W112° 02' 59" )
  • At 5.5 miles, stay left. (on road 500) ( 12S 403121mE 4149745mN / N37° 29' 22" W112° 05' 45" )
  • At 6.2 miles, the road crosses Willis Creek. ( 12S 402963mE 4149124mN / N37° 29' 02" W112° 05' 51" )
  • Continue past Willis Creek an additional 1.9 miles (8.1 total). This is the trailhead on the rim of Bull Valley Gorge. ( 12S 401971mE 4147839mN / N37° 28' 20" W112° 06' 31" )


The trailhead is right on the edge of Bull Valley Gorge, and gives impressive views of the canyon. From the car park, walk on the well-defined trail up the canyon on the north side. There is a trail register within 100M of the trailhead. Follow the trail for 10 or 15 minutes until the canyon becomes shallow and easy to descend to the bottom.

Head down the canyon. The best park of Bull Valley Gorge is right above and under the bridge. Before getting there, however, you will be faced with several downclimbing challenges. These likely change with every flood, but in 2007, all were fairly reasonable to downclimb and reverse. The most difficult, a 3 m ( 10 ft. ) chimney downclimb had a fixed rope when I visited. Be careful not to downclimb anything you cannot reverse unless you plan on taking the optional exit mentioned below.

Just after going under the bridge, the canyon begins to open. From here down, the canyon is a beautiful deep canyon, but you have passed the narrowest section. You can turn around here and reverse the canyon back to your car whenever you feel inclined.

Optional Exit: If you continue down the canyon, about 35-45 minutes below the bridge a dirt gully comes in on the right (looking down canyon).The gully is the first obvious, easy hike out of the canyon. It has large trees, and an indistinct trail going up it. Hike up this to the rim, and follow an intermittent trail back up the canyon along the rim to the road. This is a great loop that allows you to see Bull Valley Gorge from many angles. In 2007, this gully and the trail along the rim were easy to find and cairned.


Printable Maps:

12S 401905mE 4147824mN

N37° 28' 20" W112° 06' 34"


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