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Hiking Cavell Pond and Meadows - Jasper National Park Hiking Cavell Pond and Meadows

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RATING: Easy to Moderate Hike
SEASON: Summer, Fall
Diane heading to Cavell Pond

Diane heading to Cavell Pond

Cavell Pond is tucked at the base of Mt Edith Cavell. The turquoise waters flanked by Mountain Edith Carvell and Angel Glacier make for a stunning spot to visit. Visiting the pond is a place where you feel like the magnitude of the Canadian Rockies envelopes you. The hike to the pond is on an easy trail, suitable for most, though with some elevation gain.

For the more energetic, the trail continues from the pond high up into Cavell Meadows and offers even more dramatic views of the surroundings and Angel Glacier. The wildflowers in the meadow, on our mid-August visit, were spectacular.

Note: Edith Cavell was an English nurse executed in World War I for helping allied soldiers escape occupied Belgium. She was known for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides without discrimination. She was also s a pioneer of modern nursing in Belgium.
Cavell Pond and Angel Glacier

Cavell Pond and Angel Glacier

Getting There

Note: The road is to the trailhead is closed seasonally from about the end of September/early October to Mid-June. Check the 511 Alberta site for seasonal closure information. The road is paved, but narrow and winding.

From Jasper, head south on AB-93 for about 7 km, then turn right onto AB-93A, Follow AB-93A for 5.7 kilometers, then turn right onto the signed road for Edith Cavell Trailhead. Follow this road 14 km to its end at the trailhead.

The valley below the pond where the trailhead is located.

The valley below the pond where the trailhead is located.


Cavell Pond (700 meters)
From the trailhead, follow the well-marked trail as it climbs the valley. At the meadows junction, stay right. The end of the trail overlooking Cavell Pond is a couple of minutes from the junction. The end of the trail offers spectacular views both of Cavell Pond and the Angel Glacier. The glacier is flowing down the mountain toward the pond.

Cavell Meadows
Go back to the meadows junction. The meadows trail climbs steeply over the moraine, then follows the backside of the rock debris pile. It rises, via switchbacks, up to a loop junction.

If making the full loop, I recommend going left. The trail climbs to the highpoint of the route first this way, then meanders back down, visiting a couple of other viewpoints en route back to the loop junction.

If you don't plan on visiting the entire loop, go right. The trail is less steep going right, and quickly visits a couple of great viewpoints and offers some of the best views down onto the pond and Angel Glacier.


To Cavell Pond and Back / 0.88 miles / Elevation Range 5,663 - 5,945 ft.
To Pond and Loop / 6.33 miles / Elevation Range 5,663 - 7,503 ft.
Printable Maps:

11U 428672mE 5838004mN

N52° 41' 14" W118° 03' 19"


11U 428957mE 5837609mN

N52° 41' 02" W118° 03' 03"

Glacier Viewpoint

11U 429032mE 5837463mN

N52° 40' 57" W118° 02' 59"

Loop Junction

11U 429666mE 5837365mN

N52° 40' 54" W118° 02' 25"


11U 430650mE 5837285mN

N52° 40' 52" W118° 01' 33"


11U 430179mE 5836741mN

N52° 40' 34" W118° 01' 58"


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