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RATING: Easy Hike
LENGTH: 2-3 hours
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
WATER: Filterable along most of the hike.
SEASON: Late Spring through Fall
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Torrey is known by most as the gateway to Capitol Reef National Park and the surrounding desert. Boulder Mountain, just south of Torrey, is an often overlooked destination with high mountain terrain and cooler temperatures that is one of my favorite places to wander in the summer when the lowlands become scorching hot.

Pine Creek, on the northwest side of Boulder Mountain, is a serene mountain sanctuary from high summer temps at lower elevations. The trailhead is less than 30 minutes from Torrey, with excellent primitive camping in the area.

This is an excellent family and dog-friendly hike. The hike meanders through the high mountain forest before passing a small lake and reaching Pine Creek Reservoir.

Bring a pole. The lake is popular with fisherman.

Getting There

Access is from Bicknell, Ut, on the north side of the Aquarius:

Go east out of Bicknell on highway 24. 2.5 miles from town, turn right on Bicknell Cr, this is just across from the Great Western Trailhead on the left.

  • Drive 3.8 miles from highway 24 on the paved county road to a junction. Go right, on the dirt road to Boulder Top. Reset Odometer ( 12S 450047mE 4237464mN / N38° 17' 02" W111° 34' 16" )
  • 0.7 miles, go left on Forest Service Road 178 ( 12S 449061mE 4237958mN / N38° 17' 18" W111° 34' 57" )
  • 3.0 - Stay left. ( 12S 446065mE 4235977mN / N38° 16' 13" W111° 36' 60" )
  • 3.5 - Stay left again. ( 12S 445955mE 4235147mN / N38° 15' 46" W111° 37' 04" )
  • 4.2 - Left again - Reset odometer here. ( 12S 445523mE 4234115mN / N38° 15' 12" W111° 37' 21" )
  • 4.7 miles - two track going off on the left. Take this road for 1.25 miles. It is braided in places, always choose the best looking path. At about 1.1 miles, stay right. The road crosses Pine Creek here, then goes right a short distance to the trailhead. ( 12S 448770mE 4228697mN / N38° 12' 17" W111° 35' 06" )
  • Trailhead ( 12S 450058mE 4229179mN / N38° 12' 33" W111° 34' 14" )


From the trailhead, follow the trail as it parallels Pine Creek. The path is easy to follow, but not overly well traveled. You may have to climb over a few downed logs!

The trail ascends the rocky slope for about 0.5 miles to a first, small, unnamed lake. On the south side of the pond, a picturesque cascade feeds the lake from Pine Creek reservoir above.

Another 0.25 miles beyond this first small pond is Pine Creek Reservoir.

Return the same way.


Printable Maps:

12S 450059mE 4229180mN

N38° 12' 33" W111° 34' 14"


12S 450286mE 4228961mN

N38° 12' 26" W111° 34' 04"

Pine Creek Reservoir

12S 450288mE 4228369mN

N38° 12' 07" W111° 34' 04"


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