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Quick run up with Fabio, Phil and 3 newer canyoneers (Rob, Emilly and Seth) We started at 8 am, got to the waterfall by roughly 9:15. We ran the waterfall, but then Phil didn't like the webbing on the second rappel so he went back up to change it. I had not hear that he would be comming back up, so pulled the shorter rope on the first rappel. We had to toss the rope back up to him to descent to the second. Only to find that Seth had also followed Phil up the rock face for a second time. I grabbed the short rope again and went to do a second run with Seth. Ahhh, communication


I have hiked up to the waterfall many times but was shocked to hear you could rappel it. Surprisingly fun waterfall. The hike up is a bit long. Went up with Gustavo Carrillo and Craig Caldwell. At the base of the waterfall the scrabble up and over was a little sketchy. Waterflow was pretty good considering it was October with a very dry summer. Making our way thru the falls got us wet but not soaked. At the base, looking up at the start of the climb, Craig said to me "Dave, why do I let you keep talking me into doing this things?" After we all reached the bottom and were putting our gear away Craig remarked "Dave, I am so glad I keep letting you talk me into doing these things."