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Quality Ratings


Put a fixed rope on ramp since I was doing this solo. I considered just doing the rap but fortunately I took the advice and scoped the end of ramp. I think it is kind of like west slab. With friends the climb out would have been a bit sketchy but fun. Solo it felt very spooky. Especially because the webbing left behind was ancient and I wish I had my knife to remove it. As I decended I forgot there would be a 3rd class walk around and I got tight butt hole when I thought I might have to accent or go get my rope. Then I found the walk around. Easy but very chossy. Solo scary. Friends = fun. Then the walk between canyons requires very legitimate route finding. I am pretty good with a topo and I would have been freaking out if I did not have my gps. Won’t be doing this one again. Onward to buckhorn to climb with Eric and company.


Not really convinced a rope is needed if everyone is a comfortable 5.8 climber, is comfortable with 20 feet of exposure, is used to slick rock, and has grippy shoes. navigation going from one canyon to the next is not as easy as you'd think, but not difficult either if you don't lose your frame of reference. bring a GPS. make sure you aren't doing quandary