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1 trip Granary Canyon - Moab
Date: 11/06/2021
dry for weeks, Nels Jess Jackie Aiden and Tosh (Tosh for Upper only), still quite wet. 11 hours round trip. would be much shorter with experience in the canyon, and if didn't try to keep feet (unsuccessfully) dry.
1 trip Conundrum Canyon - North Wash
Date: 09/22/2019
Fun canyon!! agree it is not a destination, but still fun. We exited prematurely, as our GPS didn't work down in the canyon, and we found an easyish route up on the left in a wider section (about half way through) and thought that to be the exit. Kept a wary eye out for poison ivy, but did not see any, which surprised us. definitely got wet, even in this time of year
1 trip3 trip Leprechaun Canyon - North Wash
Date: 09/21/2019
dry!! very fun, felt like the canyon beat us up haha
1 trip Morocco Canyon - North Wash
Date: 03/16/2019
spring break hanksville
1 trip Death Canyon - North Wash
Date: 03/14/2019
for such a short unremarkable canyon, it was kinda obnoxious as anchors and starting raps were never straightforward. I don't recommend it for beginners, whom I was with. BYOR for the deadman--the one I found was just a couple softball sized rocks with medical tape trying to hold them together. Thankfully hadn't pulled the rope on the last rap and was able to go back for a real rock
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/10/2018
beautiful! bit wet for an A, but not a prob
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/09/2018
fall break car camping trip
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/09/2018
just west fork. rap starts were more difficult than I remembered, not as beginner friendly
1 trip The Subway (From the Top) - Zion West Side
Date: 08/15/2018
definitely bring wetsuits, had a blast!
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 04/14/2018
Canyoneering II
1 trip Morocco Canyon - North Wash
Date: 04/13/2018
canyoneering II
5 trip3 trip The Chute of Muddy Creek - Southern Swell
Date: 06/10/2017
1 trip Neon Canyon - Escalante
Date: 05/27/2017
yeah!!! what a slog, but totally worth it, loved it all! a 7am start hike from the car got us great light for the rap. navigation was easy for the prepared, place needs a trail though as it's just destroyed all over with footprints
1 trip Blarney Canyon - North Wash
Date: 09/04/2015
canyoneering 1!
1 trip Cistern and Ramp Canyons - San Rafael Swell
Date: 03/30/2013
Not really convinced a rope is needed if everyone is a comfortable 5.8 climber, is comfortable with 20 feet of exposure, is used to slick rock, and has grippy shoes. navigation going from one canyon to the next is not as easy as you'd think, but not difficult either if you don't lose your frame of reference. bring a GPS. make sure you aren't doing quandary