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Canyoneering Quandary Canyon - San Rafael Swell Canyoneering Quandary Canyon
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TICKS & TODOS: 31 Todo Lists / 11 Ticks
LENGTH: 5-8+ hours
GEAR: 50 m rope, pothole escape gear.
RAPPELS: 2-7 to 20 m ( 66 ft. )
WATER: Generally quite a bit. Wetsuit recommended even in the hottest times of the year.
SEASON: Late Spring through Early Fall
Fri Hi:79 Lo:52 Sat Hi:76 Lo:49 Sun Hi:76 Lo:49 Mon Hi:73 Lo:48 Tue Hi:67 Lo:47
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Quandary Canyon is one of the San Rafael Swell classic canyons. It offers great scenery while giving the adventurous a chance to try their hands at pothole escapes and creative natural anchors. A bypass is available to avoid dealing with the keeper potholes, but if you are doing Quandary, the direct section through the potholes is the recommended way. It makes the canyon, and is one of the most beautiful sections.

Because of the potholes, and anchors, a minimum group size of 3 is recommended, as well as having pothole escape skills and good natural anchor skills. Most potholes yield fairly easily to a good pack toss, but a cheater stick with a hook on it could also be useful. A hook can also be useful for one tricky downclimb in the pothole section as an anchor.

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