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3 trip Bullet Canyon - Grand Gulch
Date: 04/01/2021
The four of us spent two nights doing this route. The hike down Bullet was beautiful. The pour off section was amazing but the slick rock was challenging for some in our group. We had Perfect Kiva to ourselves, spent the night near Jailhouse ruin, and then explored the ruin the next day. Jailhouse spring was brackish and smelled strongly of sulfur but refreshingly cold (once you get past the smell). Next day hiked to Green Mask site which was well worth the effort. Spent the second night across from the site and had it mosly to ourselves overnight. The trip up Sheiks was really challenging and steep over the rockfall areas - 1st 1.5 miles took us a couple of hours. We were not disappointed with the ruins along the way out and finishing up with Yellow House was the hightlight of the day.


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